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thank you

Aug 23, 2009 04:59 PM
by Rialto Maldonado

thank you for that explanation of universal concepts. i,ve been reading intelligence                 came first by adam worcup. we have a large library at kingston hq.its our homework               for next sunday report  hour on study day.we got a pile of offsets from the olcotte                   library so were studying it, a little study of the sd might be usefull tonight as well.                   Dr hugh grey once said a mystery is to solved by study and insight and dilligence.                   lillian storey who was glouster place librarian for years told me the quest  never                   ends and the  sd begins at the last page of the book. anthea hoskins who i think is a              ts hero. stated  the thirst for the  truth is a life long journey and its a journey stranger             than fiction. i heard her say that personally . i,ve met so many poeple like rada    
                 herself and others who i regard as ts heroes. john algo is a man of great integrity                   and i respect him. he said . the ultimate truth is the search for truth itself.thank you             


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