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Aug 23, 2009 01:29 PM
by Leon Maurer

On Wed Aug 19, 2009 11:07 am ((PDT))  "Clifford White" cwrockbttm wrote:

> (Leon)
> Maurer's Astro Binalogical Coenergetics (ABC) holographic fractal  
> involved field theory of mind-memory is based on a cosmogenesis  
> that postulates subjective consciousness (awareness, will) as a  
> fundamental a priori quality of the underlying, ubiquitous,  
> unconditioned Absolute Space?
> (Cliff) Subjective results from an individual's mind or state of  
> mind. I suppose this subjective mind you are beginning with, is Gods?

(Leon)  You can call it that -- so long as you don't see it as a  
bearded old man creating the universe with a wave of his hand. ;-)

> Awareness is not will, yet both are a condition of your  
> unconditioned space singularity?

(Leon)  No... Neither are a "condition" but are complementary  
subjective aspects or potentialities of unconditioned absolute SPACE.  
Will is the intent of consciousness, but not the actual power itself  
-- which is the latent energy in the "spinergy" (angular momentum of  
the singularity).
> In the beginning the mind of God had awareness and will and since  
> the awareness is the empty space part, the will must be the spin  
> momentum part?

(Leon)  Close... But not the actual reality.

The mind or intelligence of the entire Cosmos (including all its  
structural and experiential information ''remembered" from all its  
previous cycles of manifest life) -- the "mind of God as you call it  
-- is stored holographically in the "spinergy" of the singularity...  
Therefore, its the empty zero-point center of that spin momentum that  
is aware and willful or desirous.  As the old saying goes, "Behind  
will stands desire."  And its the spinergy itself that is the power  
of the will.

The intelligence or experiential wisdom of that so called God  
consciousness is carried as latent wave interference patterns on the  
infinite lines of spin momentum force -- that in Eastern philosophy  
is called the "Akasha" field -- which, in the "Book of Dzyan," is  
called the "seven layers of the mother," and in the Vedas, the  
"cosmic egg".

Therefore, the willpower itself, or its primal force, is rooted in  
the spin momentum... But, both awareness and desire are subjective  
qualities of the "empty" zero-point of absolute (father) SPACE.   
Thus, the father space impels the mother space into releasing its   
binding shell that allows the condensed spin momentum G-force to  
emanate and radiate its initial ray that infinitely expands outward,  
and compress inward through a triple circle spiral vortex Mobius- 
Klein path, to ultimately, through simultaneous lateral rotation,  
form the initial  hyperspherical triune cosmic monadic field --  
representing cosmic spirit, mind and matter. See 1st logos at: or

And the initial path of the first zero-point ray emanated from the  
spinergy, see: and

Note that the primal geometry of this field is an octahedron -- which  
is composed of eight nested tetrahedrons, and is the rootless root of  
infinite fractal filed involutions and evolutions. See:
> (Leon)
> This theory further postulates that total gravitational space, it's  
> involved hyperspacetime fields and all mass energy form/fields  
> (particle-waves, etc.) in physical/material space are generated  
> from the spin momentum (ZPE) of a "singularity" surrounding each  
> zero-point of primal or absolute SPACE (located everywhere  
> throughout total cosmic spacetime)?
> (Cliff) The zero point energy of a singularity is its spin momentum?

(Leon)  Yes.  But that spin-momentum is finite for each particular  
"singularity" underlying each fundamental particle-wave form, as well  
as the total mass of each physical atom, molecule, chemical compound,  
and gross material forms (for which they are the fundamental building  

Actually the Absolute SPACE spin momentum or ZPE is still infinite --  
with all those forms using only a particular minute part of it as  
their own finite mass-energy source.  Even the cosmic singularity  
(that is the source of its total multidimensional spacetime) is  
finite compared to the infinite spin-momentum of absolute SPACE...  
And the singularity of our physical spacetime is even less energetic  
-- yet still near infinite in out physical metric.  (Incidentally, I  
think Cantor's infinite set theory might be applicable here.)

> The lowest energy of a quantum field is its' spin momentum? Don't  
> sound right to me.

Where else could the constantly appearing and disappearing quantum  
particles (at their fundamental frequency-energy) get their mass from  
-- if not through the higher order fractal involved ZPE fields  
constantly radiating from (and compressing back into) the infinite  
spin momentum of the absolute (zero-point) "father" SPACE -- located  
everywhere throughout metric spacetime, at the source of the "quantum  
foam" in the Planck (false) vacuum?
>  Let's see what wikipedia has to say.
> Varieties
> The concept of zero-point energy occurs in a number of situations.
> In quantum field theory, the fabric of space is visualized as  
> consisting of fields, with the field at every point in space and  
> time being a quantized simple harmonic oscillator, with neighboring  
> oscillators interacting. In this case, one has a contribution of   
> from every point in space, resulting in a calculation of infinite  
> zero-point energy.
> (Cliff) Why this sounds just like Leon's version except Leon is  
> putting a singularity, made of space with momentum, at every point  
> in space...

(Leon) If all the energy is concentrated in a zero-point -- how else  
would it exist everywhere in metric spacetime -- other than as  
absolutely timeless and nonlinear (circular) spin motion (angular  
momentum) of that ineffable, absolute SPACE stuff?

All we can say about it is that such dimensionless and timeless space  
is NOT the same "stuff" as the mass-energy fields and forms made of  
"Aether space in motion" (as Einstein said).

Could that be why light, which is such Aether space in motion  
(through empty Absolute SPACE), caused the MM experiment to fail?

See a symbolic cross sectional diagram of a hyperspherically  
polarized light (photon standing wave) spirally traveling through  
empty absolute Space...  Note its analogous and corresponding  
relationship to the overall fractal involved cosmic fields.
> (Wiki)
>  The zero-point energy is again the expectation value of the  
> Hamiltonian; here, however, the phrase vacuum expectation value is  
> more commonly used, and the energy is called the vacuum energy.
> (Cliff) Ah ha, so the vacuum energy of space is conserved by spin  
> momentum? Is that right Leon?

(Leon)  Of course.  Where else could it remain forever undiminished  
during the eternal cyclic existences of this total cosmos?
> Wiki
> In quantum perturbation theory, it is sometimes said that the  
> contribution of one-loop and multi-loop Feynman diagrams to  
> elementary particle propagators are the contribution of vacuum  
> fluctuations or the zero-point energy to the particle masses.
> (Cliff) the zero point field fluctuates and for less than  
> a wavelength a particle appears and then disappears back into the  
> ZPE field. If I understand Leon correctly, his singularities act  
> like strings and vibrate up particles? That right Leon?

(Leon) Substantially, yes.

As I see it, however, it's the sub quantum ZPE fields surrounding the  
spin (angular) momentum that causes the quantum particles to  
oscillate in and out of the ZP foam at their positive and negative  
phase of their standing waves or solitons.  The mathematics of such  
waves are well covered by Milo Wolff. See:
> Strange, I can see how a particle can have a ZPE but how does a ZPE  
> have its own particle? I mean one that sticks around.
(Leon)  All you have to do is remember that all such waves have  
resonant fractal harmonics that extend all the way through the  
compacted hyperspace fields in the quantum foam down to the zero- 
point spinergy, as well as outward to the furthest extent of the  
spacetime continuum, and that all fields are in constant oscillation  
between spacetime and the zero-point at their natural frequencies  
between zero and infinite.

> (Leon)
> These initial fields appear as a (coadunate but not consubstantial)  
> fractal involved series of harmonic radiant energy fields,
> (Cliff) Coadunate? Consubstantial? not against substantial? fractal  
> involved? harmonic radiant energy fields. Ok, they were possessing  
> of spin momentum and now they are also radiant. Normally if one  
> radiates energy away, it need be replaced somehow.

(Leon) Coadunate means that all fields of consciousness emanating and  
radiating from any zero-point singularity, interpenetrate each  
other... And thus are essentially in the same place everywhere. e.g.,  
All our fields of consciousness, from the physical, through the  
astral-mind-memory, to the spiritual -- are interpenetrating  
everywhere throughout our body and its surrounding higher order  
"aura" fields --some of which reach to the end of the universe (and  
back again into the absolute zero-point spin momentum on every cycle  
of their fundamental frequencies).

Therefore, all such "non consubstantial" (not having the same  
density) energy fields are continuously expanding and contracting  
through their zero point singularity on every spiral vortex spin  
cycle of their individual radiant particle-standing waves.  This  
incidentally accounts for the entanglement (or action at a distance)  
of split particles along any ray path, as well as the entanglement of  
consciousness.  Thus, we simultaneously experience a pin prick both  
at the point of trauma, as well as at our individual center of self  

I know all of this is very difficult to comprehend as a total gestalt  
-- since we are used to thinking and visualizing only in linear  
metric dimensional terms.   But there are ways to use the non linear  
aspects of our imagination to "see" this multidimensionality in our  
mind's eye -- which can look, simultaneously, from the center  
outward, and the outside inward... And realize, intuitively, that the  
universe has its center everywhere and its circumference nowhere...   
And see that the cosmos and every manifest form within it is a  
hologram, composed of infinite holograms within each other, ad  
infinitum... With all the structural information of the whole and all  
its parts (forms in each fractal involved harmonic field in total  
cosmic spacetime) existing at every zero-point singularity at their  
centers of origin -- with all such fields interconnected,  
informationally, by phase conjugate adaptive resonance.  Couldn't  
this be an explanation of how telepathy or morphogenetic evolution  
might work?
(Ref: Rupert Sheldrake)

IMCO, this is the only way that every question of physics as well as  
all possible psychic phenomena can ultimately be satisfactorily  
answered... Leaving as the only unknown (except by direct experience)  
-- the actual non physical nature of the conscious zero-point of  
Absolute SPACE -- that is beyond the cosmic singularity itself (which  
'singularity" we night call the real "God particle" or truly  
indivisible primal "atom" -- as the rootless root of infinite  
potential universes, each having infinite potential sturm und drang.;-)

I can't imagine such a "God particle" not being, fundamentally, both  
subjective and objective as well as omnipresent, omniscient and  
omnipotent... IOW, fully conscious and infinitely energetic right  
from the get go... And staying with us (as the silent observer) as  
far as all living sentient beings (as its total bodily sensorium) can  
go -- (with us "thinkers-talkers-manipulators" at their leading edge).

Thanks for your perceptive questions. They are a great help in  
further clarifying the ABC model of fundamental (noumenal) reality at  
every level of its (phenomenal) existence.  More questions welcome.

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