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universal theory of pk

Aug 22, 2009 11:11 AM
by Rialto Maldonado

 i talked to the oxford tr lodge who are my friends too. there doing research into pk                 and metaphysics and psychical research and paranormal research.  the book being                published on there research by  psychic press, called the unified field of pk.  talks                 a conscious field of universal energy aware of itself on many levels  and its                         unified and complex in its nature. there theosophists i know from many years.                      the findings appear to reveal  conscious field of aware of itself capapable of recieving          imnformation and trasmitting imformation consciouse on all levels of existance at once             regardless of faraday cage experiments which did nothing. rupert sheldracks research         appears to be true but the implications of universal pk being a force that can transcend      time  and
 space continuum and do it consciously knowing the observed and the                  observer are one in the experience of it  is mind boggling.time can be manipulated                by consciuose thought  in the experiments conducted.  i,m getting a copy free..               


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