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Re: Theos-World Losing the Light

Aug 21, 2009 08:14 PM
by MKR

Well said. Let me add...

Leadership should come from leaders. All the discussions on Internet were
triggered by actions of the leaders. The discussions continue because of
lack of transparency and avoidance of Internet discussions by the leaders.

In addition, the ultra secret attempt by some GC members to take over the
appointment of president by disenfranchising members world-wide, has reduced
the trust many members have in their leaders because members see the motives
behind such an attempt. Trust is essential for anyone who wants to lead. Who
is willing to be led by leaders with a poor level of trust of members.

One of the key ingredients in enabling rebuilding of leadership trust, is
transparency. TS is not a secret organization. TS is setup as a democratic
and autonomous organization. In the absence of full transparency, and the
environment we are in today, members who are committed to the ideals of
theosophy have to be vigilant and alert because they want to call the king
has no clothes, when misguided and/or self-serving moves are made by
leaders. Members who have no organizational positional ambitions cannot
leave their guard down because doing so may seriously hurt theosophy and TS.

One should not simply dismiss Mahatma KHâs warning in the 1900 letter -
While secrecy may help to conceal organizational decisions of leaders in the
short-run, transparency is the sure safeguard for the organization in the
long run. Secrecy also makes it is easy to make misguided and self serving
decisions which leaders would not dare to make in full transparency.

It is also a pity that none of the leaders, historians, occultists, elders,
lecturers, scholars, writers have recognized the very serious nature of the
1900 letter warning. No one has come out and discussed it either in the past
or in recent days when critical events have taken place starting with the

It is high time that leaders embark on a dramatic, fast and radical
transparent course of action which will reassure current and potential new
members that TS leaders practice what they  preach in their writings and
talks. Such a course of action is needed urgently.

Lack of such an action, leaves ordinary committed members with no
organizational or positional axe to grind, no choice but to continue to keep
their vigilance and use Internet for broadcasting their views and comments
on matters of interest.



On Fri, Aug 21, 2009 at 8:13 PM, jasonsriram <> wrote:

> For all of my life, I have valued and lived by the Theosophical view of
> life taught me by my father, who was born into the Society at Adyar and was
> taught the Theosophical ways by his father before him. For many generations,
> one of the primary motivations of Theosophists was to form a nucleus of
> Universal Brotherhood. I remember the intense feelings, revelations and
> insights that this sense of brotherhood brought me, and have visited many
> Theosophical centers around the world over the 50 years of my life.
> Adyar, like Olcott, Tekels Park, Ojai, and other Theosophical places, has a
> magical quality unlike other places in the world. This magic has been
> brought not only by the beauty of the grounds, but the harmony of the
> ecosystem. Generations of people have lived as one with nature in
> fellowship, inside the domain of the tremendous energy that our forbearers
> were attuned to, and so now it is our turn.
> The Theosophical Society has endured major splits, controversies, innuendos
> and ill suited branding from many angles and different aspects throughout
> its long history. Most of this has served to bring the core of the Society
> together to work in harmony towards a universal cause. Yet today we find
> continuing bitterness, division, and outright falsehoods flying from members
> and staff of the society towards one another, towards the administration,
> and towards various leaders around the world. This division continues to
> manifest itself even though we are over a year removed from the recent
> contested elections.
> The members of these various factions may think they are doing the right
> thing, but in reality they are destroying our beloved Society. What young
> person would want to join a fractured organization that features 100 year
> old theories and continued public sniping on its web publications? What of
> the future of the Society? Who will continue doing the work that was
> bestowed on us from the Masters? We must understand the first impression of
> the potential student of Theosophy is probably through contact via the
> Internet, and this has been completely polluted by the continued bickering
> and posting of negative innuendos about fellow members. In my estimation, a
> person searching for meaning in their life, trying to find truth would be
> immediately dismissive of stepping into an environment such as is being
> created. As a pacifist would not jump into a boxing ring, neither would a
> seeker join a fractious group of discontented grumps. It is one thing to
> constructively discuss viewpoint that may differ regarding many of the
> central tenants of Theosophy, and it is entirely another to create an
> atmosphere of negativity and bitterness.
> The factional leaders and their malcontented followers need to do one of
> two things. They must determine whether they can move forward, continue the
> contributions that they make towards the work of the Society, and live in
> the present. If they cannot do so, then they must resign as members and
> leave the Society and we as the sustaining members will continue the work
> with a new and more harmonious group of individuals dedicated to creating a
> nucleus of Universal Brotherhood. This continued animosity must stop for a
> future to be possible. The light is dimming and the darkness is enveloping
> us. Let us find a way forward together in harmony.

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