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Re: Theos-World observations

Aug 20, 2009 09:26 AM
by MKR

Thanks for sharing.

One of the most difficult things is how we relate all these things to our
every day life. Theosophy in practice. I hope others here share their ideas
and views.


On Thu, Aug 20, 2009 at 10:03 AM, Rialto Maldonado <>wrote:

> i looked at the forum issues on line today. i agree with most everything
> stated.                       i astudied my sd last night and looked at my
> isis unvealed too.    in the light of                    new findings about
> the universe, four forces combine to manifest reality apparently.
>     string, quantium, zero point, dark matter,n they work together
> apparently in this new                 explanation of the universe. thye
> processes that arise out of creation   appear to be              run by a
> unifycation of forces  .the science of impression and expression.
>                    ideation and the principals of ideation  appear to be a
> mixture of forces manifesting               and demanifesting in  the cosmic
> meltring pot all the time.scientific  american special             issue has
>  an interesting article on the cosmos. time may not be a constant in a
>                    lumpy multi dimentional  universe  and  light constants
> may vary with universal                     densities of the universe.
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