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Transparency in TSA

Aug 18, 2009 05:39 PM
by MKR

Transparency in TSA, is not a new issue for long-time members. With all the
talk about freedom and democracy, on critical decisions, members were fed
with crumbs of little value. As early as Jan 1997, discussions took place on
theos-l on this issue. A message from Jerry, a long-time member of TS, is
quoted below which should give you a flavor of the real attitude of the
elected officials even at that time. We all know who were the players at
that time. (Anyone who does not know, can call the Olcott and get the
I do not think that anything has changed since that time as evidenced by the
super secret attempt to disenfranchise all of us and seize control of the
International President and thus make the President a puppet. Most members,
especially the large contingent of at-large members do not have a clue about
the administration and many others did not pay much attention to the issue
of transparency till now.
With all the talk about high sounding philosophical matters by leaders,
professors, scholars, elders, politicians, have you noticed that not a
single word has been uttered by any of them about transparency.
While we have seen many of them, for years, lecture and write about the all
the valuable materials in Mahatma Letters, not a single one has touched the
hot potato - Master KHâs warning about MISLEADING SECRECY HAS GIVEN THE
DEATH BLOW TO NUMEROUS ORGANIZATIONS. The implication of its mention in the
letter to Annie Besant is that even TS as we know it, can fall a victim to
the  Natural Law if we foolishly ignore the warning.
I hope all those who meditate everyday on various items, start meditating on
this simple warning and share their discoveries of the implications of the
above statement. That would be a great contribution one can make for TS and


In a message posted on theos-l on Jan 21, 1997, Jerry Hejka-Ekins


The Board meetings are held in January and July of each year in an office in
the main headquarters building.  A summarized (i.e. edited) form of the
minutes are usually published in THE AMERICAN THEOSOPHIST.  The summary
contains that information which Headquarters wants you to know and what they
don't care that you know.  Wheaton considers how a Board member voted on an
issue to be a major secret.  Therefore it is unlikely that they will allow
any non Board member to see the actual minutes, which might reveal this kind
of information.  If you succeed in getting copies of the minutes without
using or threatening legal action, then my hat is off to you.  If Bart has a
copy of the minutes, I will appreciate it if he forwards me a copy too.  I
will happily pay his copying and postage expenses.


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