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Re: [jcs-online] Re: Awareness and Space.

Aug 18, 2009 02:40 PM
by Leon Maurer


I understand that the ZPE fields in the Planck (false) vacuum are  
equivalent to the "compacted" fields you mention.  But since these  
higher order spacetime dimensions have a spherical metric that is  
based on *linear* motion -- such fields are NOT equivalent to the  
zero-point *non-linear* spin momentum or singularity itself -- (which  
spin momentum, only, is congruent with the conscious zero-point of  
absolute space at the field's common center of origin).   
Unfortunately all those theories leave out completely, the source of  
consciousness from their equations, thus they cannot understand or  
integrate their models with the mechanisms of consciousness.

Obviously, consciousness, as pure subjectivity or awareness-will, can  
have no motion in dimensional space, nor can it have any metric of  
time or measure of change in itself.... That's the only way it can  
act as an absolute comparative reference point relative to the  
modulated wave interference patterned information carried by the  
highest frequency-energy order hyperspace fields.  Remember that the   
conscious zero-point singularity (as well as all the harmonic  
hyperspacetime fields that surround it, interpenetrate each other,  
and radiate indefinite distances) -- is located everywhere, and are  
integral aspects or parts of a totally interconnected holographic  

The fact that all such zero-point fields (and their harmonics) must  
originate from the same unitary medium of the underlying absolute  
SPACE (which, at zero degrees K must act-like a BEC) -- is the basis  
of the entanglement of both consciousness and split particle-waves  
within any overall containing hyperspace fields originating from a  
common zero-point singularity.

That and all other so called "non intuitive" aspects of a holographic  
universe can be easily (with some meditative practice;-) visualized  
intuitively -- with the help of the illustrations linked from the web- 
published "ABC holographic theory of cosmogenesis, mind and  
consciousness" at:

Best wishes,
Leon Maurer

On Aug 17, 2009, at 8/17/095:08 AM, wrote:

> Leon,
> I contend that your ZPE space
> is the subspace of compactified dimensions in string theory
> namely the 8d compact manifold of Vafa's 12d Father Theory.
> It has all the properties you mentioned.
> John aka Richard
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> Sent: Sat, Aug 15, 2009 4:08 pm
> Subject: Re: [jcs-online] Re: Awareness and Space.
> c
> On Aug 10, 2009, at 8/10/094:42 AM, ramesam wrote:
> > In the Experiment, if you observe critically:
> >
> > At the very first instance, one will be aware of "Awareness" ONLY.
> > The attribution of space like characteristics and descriptors are
> > secondary impositions [when one starts acting from memory (mind)]
> > and tries capturing what was felt in terms that are familiar. This
> > does not make Awareness = space.
> Yes it does. That is, if we append the word "empty" or "absolute"
> before the word "space".
> What you think you are observing in the experiment is actually the
> dimensional space that can contain objects (which you can see when
> your eyes are open). This is the space (we can call our "mind
> field") that also can contain the images of imagination or memory
> (which are also objective "things" since they have perceivable
> dimensions that exist in time and space).
> However, since you must observe that dimensional spacetime (and be
> aware of it) from an absolutely unconditioned singular point of view
> -- the real timeless and dimensionless or "empty" space that you 
> observe it from (whether with closed or open eyes) -- is the zero-
> point of the unconditioned absolute SPACE that has no qualities or
> quantities other than pure awareness.
> It is this absolute SPACE "singularity" that is the source of all
> multidimensional spacetime surrounding every point of observation.
> Therefore you CANNOT BE the "wide open space" that, although empty of
> things, has infinite dimensions of space and time... But you MUST BE
> that unconditioned (static) zero-point (pure) vacuum of absolute
> SPACE -- which is the "rootless root" (or infinite spin momentum
> source) of all dimensional space and time... Existing, on the plane
> of physical matter, as an electromagnetic field-surfaced hologram,
> with each viewpoint everywhere, being its exact center.
> Meditate on that... And you will ultimately realize who and what you
> really are, always were, and forever will be (even if you forget it
> while your mind is temporarily occupied with other important or
> unimportant things to do or think about during this short  
> lifetime. ;-)
> Best wishes,
> Leon Maurer
> >
> > regards,
> > raemsam
> >
> > --- In, Jelke Wispelwey <wispj@...>  
> wrote:
> >>
> >> Hi Leon,
> >>
> >> I read all of your posts with interest (in fact I keep them in a
> >> special folder) but most of it is beyond my level of education. :-(
> >>
> >> One of your ideas that puzzled me is your equating space and
> >> awareness. But then I came upon an experiment (maybe one
> >> of Douglas Harding's?) that explained it:
> >>
> >> Close your eyes and tell me what you see. Most people will say: "I
> >> don't see a thing!" True enough. Yet there is awareness of an
> >> unlimited empty space together with an I-sense. How else could I
> >> say: "I see no-thing"? I.o.w. there is space without any boundery
> >> like a brain-box or a body (just look!), there is awareness of
> >> that space and a sense of 'I'. All together without any
> >> separation! (If separated, they would be 'things' and we agreed
> >> that we don't see any things). Conclusion: Wide-open Aware Space
> >> is what I AM.
> >>
> >> Of course, no imagination allowed when doing this experiment.
> >>
> >> Jelke.
> >
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