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Aug 16, 2009 09:11 PM
by MKR

In the last letter received from Mahatma KH, usually referred to as 1900
letter, there is a very simple warning:
It is very simple and very direct that even a man or women with very little
education can understand it. The letter was first published by C.
Jinarajadasa in the third edition of Letters from The Masters of the Wisdom
- First Series,  printed in 1945, with some parts of it redacted. CJ in the
notes to the letter, states that - parts in the letter which I (he) have
omitted refer to the occult life of Dr. Besant which only the Master could
have known. Little did CJ realize that the above statement had a far wider
The un-redacted letter was first published in 1987 by the High Country
Theosophist (a publication independent of all theosophical organizations). A
striking fact is that even after its publication, no one - theosophical
historians, scholars, elders, occultists, leaders, experts etc  recognized
its very serious implications for the future survival of TS. This is
because, till now most members had a very high level of trust in their
elected leaders and not much attention was paid to the lack of transparency
of the administrators at Section and International levels.
The landscape dramatically changed with the nomination and election of the
International President in 2008. One of the Inner Founders warned that human
weakness is the same everywhere in the world (even inside and outside TS).
Members had a first hand taste of it in the last yearâs election which
started with untrue information being fed to the members to sway the
election in the hope members would buy it. When it did not work, an attempt
was made to undermine the election by unsupported allegations that there
were irregularities in voting in the Indian Section. When this fell flat,
the trump card was played.
An super secret move was made to disenfranchise all members and make the GC
appoint the President. This way, a handful of GC members can seize control
of the Presidency and make the President a puppet.
Lo and behold.  TS and its members just got lucky. The scheme was discovered
in time. Luck also played a part in its timing and the environment. It
happened in 2008. We had Internet to broadcast the critical news. Also
Internet had a mailing list - theos-talk - which is outside the control of
all theosophical organizations so that dissemination of this secret attempt
could not be suppressed by those behind it. Members were aghast to learn the
news. Even in their wildest dreams, no one imagined that their leaders would
attempt to disenfranchise members world-wide and that too in greatest
secrecy. To this day, none of those behind the move, publicly apologized or
regretted their ill fated unwise attempt to seize power. I hope they are not
secretly salivating for a future opportunity.
After H. S. Olcottâs days, all the discussions and actions of the General
Council are shielded in greatest secrecy. TS is not a secret organization
and hence there is no reason to keep GCâs proposals, discussions and
decisions a secret from dues paying members whom GC is supposed to
Some of the changes made by the GC in the recent years raise red flags. They
may have been pushed through by some GC members for self-serving reasons,
which were not apparent at the time the changes were made. This brings up a
very serious issue. We have to be watchful for changes arising from
misguided motives, conscious or unconscious self-interests of GC members
which are hurtful to TS and theosophy. If GC activities are fully
transparent, ordinary members, who have no personal axe to grind, can see
what is really going on, and raise the red flags when needed, just like the
kid called the emperor naked.
Let us not kid ourselves that the Masterâs warning will not apply to TS. It
looks like the Master made the statement specifically because a danger due
to misleading secrecy was foreseen for TS, and no one seems to have paid
attention to this simple Law.
The events starting with the election nomination and the problems that
followed can be traced to misleading secrecy coupled with the fact that
human weakness is the same everywhere. Now is a critical juncture. It is up
to each member to get serious and demand from their elected leaders,
immediate implementation of transparency at Section and International
levels. It is very easy to implement transparency at Section level
immediately since the autonomous structure of the TS provides a wide
latitude as to how the Sections are run. Once transparency is taken care at
the Section level, moving to the International level is quite easy.

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