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Aug 16, 2009 06:11 AM
by Rialto Maldonado

i  studied the forum issues carefully. i agree with 99percent of the view pionts                        put need not be fearfull if chanelled  intelligently. to creative ends.            if hpb had a  mac she would  have used it too. i feel we could  use the advances in               tech far more more than were doing  and bring thoesophy to the cell phone and tv                   screen. the evangelicals have there  there own tv channel and radio channels .so why can,t           do it also  . why can.t we take advantage of tech.  today were watching a quest cd set      for study.the masters almost certainly have top end macs and they use them.and                they are high tech when it comes commmunications.proibally .were missing out                     on opportunities and i feel we should be on the cutting edge of civilization and                    
  society and i feel were missing something that could transform theosophy into                 in a world leader of oppinion. i,ve got to think about what were missingout on.


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