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Ah poor Anand is bored

Aug 13, 2009 04:45 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Anand writes:

"Daniel had asked those spam questions many times. Apart from boring me, they delude other followers of Blavatsky. So, as usual, we will ignore him."

First of all, these are NOT spam questions but sincere questions begging for answers.

Apparently Anand has no good answers to the questions therefore his refusal to deal with them in a straightforward fashion.

You would think if Anand had valid answers and responses to these questions he would share them so that everyone would be better informed.

Sorry that Anand feels so bored but I'm sure there are other readers who will not only have thought of these questions but will look for possible answers.

And I will continue to ask these questions and to point out various things in order that readers especially those who may be new to Theosophy will be aware of the issues involved and not be mislead by Anand's rhetoric.


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