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Aug 13, 2009 11:49 AM
by Rialto Maldonado

 i read the forum issues  in detail today. cults use belief systems to there own ends.              trhe masters i understand meant the theosphical society as a catalyst for                             spiritual evolution consciously applied in the real wolrd .the other topics i agree                     with  the forum too.i study my sd every night and use my study guides to help me                   .john algo has a choice as i,ve observer in the quest magazine  to be traditional or               break new ground. the fusion of the two .an evolution of a third force  from the two                  view pionts seems the best.wew try in kingston to follow the prime propositions                     in real terms in a real world.history will decide either for or against in the devils                       court of avacacy metaphorically whewather we succeeded or failed. but we
 try our                  hardest to undserstand the message theosophy teaches us.adam worcup said once             do your best  and try to do it compassionatelly.        


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