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Re: Theos-World Did the Masters Exist?

Aug 13, 2009 11:47 AM
by Augoeides-222

Well another view is that in India there are 2 "Eternal Mahatma's" renowned and known of by the Hindu, is it possible that Madame Blavatsky actually was lead to them and was accepted by them etc.? I posted about them several months back naming them and the village where they are alledged to have presence at. It is hard to find information about them because it may be restricted to Hindu language resources. The 2 Indian Mahatma's are not counted formally as "Arhats" of the Canon of Buddhism, but are indeed mentioned outside the Canon. No one here responded to my earlier post but I still hold and maintain a curiousity of the possible correlation. There are some really curious correlate of HPB sich as the "Heart Drop" she says she received form her Sat Guru which she claims made all things new and possible for herand that without this "Drop" she would never have arrived as she did in her potentionalitys. I also seem to remember that she once described incident in her earlier life journey and search of being at a charnnel ground (cemetary) and having had unique interaction ( I don't recall whether it was direct to her or someone who she was with, who invoked the administering presence. But at any rate the description seems to parellel what Khyungpo Naljal decribes as his initiations by a very special Dakini at a cemetary whose first Initiations were performed on another plane of consciousness and then again later in actual physical plane. The context of the 2 "Eternal Mahatma's" of India seems to be that they are "Spiritual" Agencies that are so advanced that they may project upon the mind screen the solid similatude of actual physical reality that cannot be distinguished from non-projected everyday perception. 

Oh, well anybody got a position about this? 


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Daniel asks: 
So is there any evidence that actually proves the reality 
of these Masters????? 

For brain mind there is but one indirect proof: 
The fact that mankind is still here is proof enough that there are higher 
beings, who try to protrct us as karma allows. 

Daniel asks: 
If all evidence could have been faked by H.P. Blavatsky, then 
what is left???? 

As Franz Hartmann once said so well: When HPB had invented the masters, she 
then would be an even greater genius as she already is. 

In a mindset like that of Anand, where a self-styled Christian God exists, 
the real existence of higher humans as the masters sounds dangerous. 
If you believe in masters instead of God you cannot delegate any more 
thinking and responsibility to Him, but have to begin for thinking and 
responsibility for yourself. 
That afrights Christians. 

The fact that many theosophists did not grow mental and spiritual but 
remained pharisees and just changes God with Masters only proofs the truths 
of masters. 


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