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Re: Theos-World Re: What Were the Real Teachings of the Masters?

Aug 13, 2009 09:57 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Leadbeater and Besant perverted HPB's teachings.

She wanted an intellectual and moral regeneration in the West.
Leadbeater and Besant favored the psychic, materialistic world.

HPB wanted to stop the rising tidal wave of psychism, astralism and madness.
Leadbeater and Besant supported this tidal wave.

HPB taught to be contrary to the establishment, the others the opposite, 
including perverted English imperialism and nationalism.
Leadbeater once gave false witness to alleged German books and articles with 
hostile contents against England to promote this imperialism.

Besant was the parrot of the masonic lodges of the City of London in the 
Theosophist, using the same sick and hostile imprecations against Germany as 
the English and French lodges uttered as Karl Heise, co-worker of Steiner, 
digged out so well.

So it turns out that Leadbeater and Besant were more interested in 
imperialistic English politics than in the theosophical teachings.

So while in word and deed Judge, Tingley and Purucker proofed by their life 
that they had the original teachings for their own and were able not only to 
transmit them unaltered, but went even a bit further than HPB did in her 
books, Leadbeater and Besant never proofed that they possessed the 
All they taught shows that only had their own interpretations of HPB's 

Fallen chelas, which pose as teachers or false Christs.


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> How does a genuine seeker of truth determine what the
> true teachings of the Masters were?
> Where does one find a true presentation of the Masters'
> teachings?
> If HPB's writings are virtually worthless, what other
> written sources give the true teachings of these Masters?

Writings of Leadbeater and Besant give the true teachings.



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