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Re: Theos-World Think About the Implictions of What Anand Asserts....

Aug 13, 2009 09:23 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Anand has made many many assertions.

For example, he wrote once:

It means we can't assume that Mahatma Letters were accurate
transcription of Masters words.

There were many hands on the manuscripts from co-workers and type-setters, 
before HPB's books were ready.
They have created some errors like Olcott in Isis Unveiled or Besant in the 
3rd edition of the SD or Voice.

In the SD there are some stronge obviously errors which are unlikely from 
For example the Slavonian descent of Leibniz in SD 1, 628 Fn.

The theory of a Slavonian race was in HPB's days the latest cry in science 
and let to the pan-slavonic imperialism and false claims of territories.
This theory was from a large part developed by Herder, who was not a 
historian and not a linguist and misinterpreted mediveal texts.
A slavonian race or people or nation never existed, it is clear from 
historical and linguistic proofs, but survives today for politicla reasons.
The communists were main promoters of the Slavonian theory.

Strange, that HPB seems to support this maya. It is as strange as to find in 
one memo of Gottfried de Purucker his alleged secret support of the strange 
ideas of the known black propaganda faker Hermann Rauschning.

Obviously here had other persons their dirty hands in the play.



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