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Musings of a member

Aug 10, 2009 05:19 PM
by MKR

Musings of a member

In a 1884 letter to HPB, her Master says:

The managers of P.S. (Parent Society) have made, will make, many mistakes,
precisely because they are alone and left without help and protection, they
might have avoided such dangerous intimacies and have none to blame but
themselves that their confidence was abused...

Human nature is exactly as weak at Adyar as in Chancery Lane or at Paris. It
is truly a hard task to combine so much poor material into a strong perfect

This could have been written in 2009. It was written at a time when the
Inner Founders and other members of the Brotherhood were openly and actively
in communication with HPB and HSO and stepped in to advise at critical

Since 1900 we have not heard from the Inner Founders and you can imagine the
many mistakes made by all the Presidents who followed HSO. I suppose that
the job of heading the TS is a very lonely one and no one should be
surprised, if like in 1884 confidences were abused.

The comment about trying to combine so much poor material into a strong
perfect organization should make us stop and ponder. Taking into the comment
about human nature not having changed in a million years, I suspect todayâs
material (you and me) is still poor and still the problem of trying to
combine it into a strong perfect organization continues to this day. A very
difficult task.

So what is it that we all can try to do? Try to bring about unity of purpose
world-wide and try to work towards amelioration of the conditions of the
Humanity. Of course each one of us can try to start at our own backyards
where there is urgent need. Once we start looking for opportunities, I am
sure we will find them.

My 0.02



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