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Aug 09, 2009 09:24 AM
by Rialto Maldonado

its sunday study day again. about half us here as im using my wyfy macbook                         and i have a desk top mac too. the other half have hired a coach to a native                        american nation pow wow upstate today,  its fun when you go those things.                           the homework we,ve been given is physical psychic mental conscious and spiritaul              srervice. we give our homework from 2 to 4 today. thew cheque to tos is less today.              we recieved our goodies from quest and wqere going to share it out   soon.                            everything is going like a well oiled swiss watch. some of us  will be going to some of           advertized national events this as a holiday. i can,t but others will be.                                    studied bloggs while having sandwinch and a soft drink for lunch. the ts has
 huge                  potential and we  sense that  in kingston. the challenge is to harness that potential                in practical ways in the real world.


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