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Lodges in large cities but with small membership

Aug 08, 2009 10:50 PM
by MKR

One of the unfortunate patterns one sometimes see in many lodges is that
even though they are located in large metropolitan areas and have been
active for a long time, they have a small membership, around a dozen. Some
times, these lodges may own substantial assets. Over time, these lodges may
tend to go down in numbers and activity and finally if the bylaws are
properly drawn up, their assets go to the custody of Wheaton. And then comes
the question of Wheaton using its discretion how the money gets spent. Human
nature being the same everywhere, there is potential for tweaking how it is

This is a sad situation that needs to be addressed. We do not know if the
top leaders make it a point to personally visit the lodges which fit into
the pattern and see how they can be helped to make them more active and more
involved locally so that the lodge can attract new younger members.

The actual situation in these lodges and their special problems can only be
understood by personal visits where one can see and talk person to person
and get a feel for the situation. No email or snailmail or telephone talk

Many successful business entrepreneurs know a simple secret. They have a
policy of periodical visiting their branches to get a first hand look at
what is going on. I still recall that when Sam Walton, the founder of
Walmart was alive, he had a policy of visiting each branch at least once a
year. He had several thousand stores. Early in his career, he use pilot his
own plane and travel so as efficiently spend his time. When he visited the
store, he will put on the Walmart jacket and greet the customers and talk to
them as well as the employees and got a feel for the local issues.

I think a plan like this should be tried by TSA. Traveling can be done very
economically and there is no need to spend any money on hotels and food and
transportation. These can be taken care of by the local lodge members. All
one has to do is to ask.

When HPB & HSO started TS, they traveled a lot. They did not stay in
Fivestar hotels serving three martini lunches, since they did not have the
money. They were guests of the members and public interested in theosophy
and ate whatever food that was available. They were very successful in
spreading theosophy.

I think it is time to think about some actions in the above lines and
quickly implement a plan without waiting for an elaborate plan to be
developed with all the academicians giving their unworkable inputs. We need
some real immediate action. That perhaps can help a lot of lodges and in
turn the TS.



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