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Theos-World Re: Manohar - Resurrection

Aug 08, 2009 09:10 AM
by ramadoss226

>From time to time we find unrecognizable people suddenly popup and  participate in this and other on-line communities. Even start websites. Frequently, they display rather intimate knowledge of the details about TS events and the personalities involved and many times they boast of meeting or in contact with knowledgeable members/leaders.

As I have pointed out earlier, due to the minuscule size of the people associated with theosophy, it is rather impossible for a real individual to hide. When these popping up theosophists are pressed more for information to confirm their real identities, they get cold feet and they just go silent or disappear. Some times they suddenly resurrect after some time. 

(Most participants here are familiar with each other over a period of time. In my own case, one can go on-line and find out within minutes where I work, what kind of work I do, where I live, get map for my workplace and home and even discover how old I am, the names of my  dependents, what kind of professional licenses I hold  etc all for free on Internet within minutes. It is very difficult to hide personal information in Internet age with true personal identities. And a theosophist need not fear of being known as such and take personal responsibility for what they write or say.)

Due to the intricate and intimate details that these popping up mysterious people have, one wonders if they are doing it to avoid taking personal responsibility for what they say in these forums. These masks they use avoid taking personal responsibility. One also wonders if they are the disguises of some of the General Council members, who find this a way to come out of their silence and say something to stir up the debate. (Remember the wise words of a Master that the human nature is the same everywhere!) Why should one not suspect this is true having observed the events since the start of last year's election.

Some times it is fun to watch the tactics used by some who claim to be "theosophists" and work for theosophical movement.


--- In, "Anand" <AnandGholap@...> wrote:
> There was a member in group He had used name Manohar to register in the group. As he left, his messages had got deleted automatically. I could still get one.
> I am giving below that short message. I have not yet checked whether this data is accurate or not. Others might be knowing about accuracy of these things. Below is the message from Manohar.
> -----------------------------------------------------------------

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