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The virus lie - Open Letter to Obama

Aug 07, 2009 04:26 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

For those theosophists, which want to speak out and defend the truth against
the recent war against humanity, here is a draft for an Open Letter to US
President Obama to protest against the virus lie.

As always, under the cant mask of helping us, they want with the help of a
droven mad science to harm us, poison our bodies for life-long ritual
slaughter, steal our money and hold our mind in fear to control us.

The brothers of the shadow know, that they have not much time anymore to
install in Jerusalem their one world government, their marxist dictacture of
the "working class", their masonic world republic, their Utopia, which mean
in plain unscrewed language: A prison planet of fear and horror for the
masses and undreamed pleasure for the elected ones.

In speaking out the truth and in demanding the truth we counteract the dark
plans of the evil forces to enslave us more and more with each decade.
Only people, which are held stupid and without any true information, can be
enslaved and kali yuga manifest.


President Barack H. Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500, USA
FAX: 001 / 202-456-2461
Mr. President, Sir
in your significant keynote speech recently in Cairo June 4, 2009 you
invoked the one God who in the Koran required man to
"Speak the truth!"
We ask of you to tell the people on this planet the truth, because frivolous
or misleading treatment of the one God is intolerable.

25 years ago on April 23, 1984 the US Health Secretary Margaret Heckler
announced the discovery of a virus in connection what is called AIDS by the
US governmental scientist Dr. Gallo.
Based on the scientific literature of the Perth Group in Australia and their
article in Bio/Technology (1993), 11, 696-707, there followed a thorough
examination in Germany of the empirical-scientific literature purporting to
confirm the existence of "HIV". In no publication was there any direct proof
of the existence of a virus "HIV", not even in Dr. Gallo's publications in
1984 on which the US government's announcement was based.

In Germany the question has been raised since 1995 of the published evidence
of HIV. By persistent questioning of the relevant German health authorities
citizens of Germany revealed that the health
authorities know that there had never been any direct proof of the existence
of a virus in connection with what is called AIDS.
Since 2000, the official German AIDS health authority of the federal
government, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), has been claiming on the
internet the demand by the Perth Group (Australia) and Stefan Lanka
(Germany) to satisfy the "gold standard" in the case of HIV was
scientifically unjustified ("wissenschaftlich nicht gerechtfertigte
Messlatte gelegt"). This means that so-called HIV has never been
demonstrated nor published to exist, least of all back in April 23rd 1984.

The former head of the Robert Koch Institute, Prof. Kurth, who for 20 years
until 2007 was the German governmentâs official chief scientist on AIDS
matters committed the crime of perjury at court in the Amtsgericht
Berlin-Tiergarten on March 24, 2009 by alleging that the direct evidence for
the existence of HIV was documented in Dr. Galloâs publications in 1984.
These publications were the basis for US governmentâs assertions on April
23, 1984. Prof. Kurthâs (RKI) crime of perjury on March 24, 2009 came about
from a false sense of solidarity with the US government and/or what the US
government did in April 23, 1984.

In the light of your speech in Cairo on June 4, 2009 in which you committed
yourself in the name of the one God to tell the truth, we hereby earnestly
entreat you as the incumbent President of the USA to inform the worldwide
public who is willing to live, clearly and truthfully, if the US government
unashamedly lied in April 23, 1984, or was in April 23, 1984 itself victim
of cynical and unscrupulous liars, who persist to this day, and of whom you
as the present incumbent are yourself victim.

The current worldwide US government lie from April 23, 1984 â whether known
to the government in April 23, 1984 that Dr. Gallo had never directly proved
the existence of a virus â has had 25-year racist genocide consequence,
directed Africa's population in particular, and many more victims the world
over than the bestial crimes committed during the German holocaust. The
present AIDS genocide crime is proscribed by Article II (a) of the
Convention on Genocide of December 9, 1948 and is to be prosecuted thereby,
and not to be tolerated, and will not be tolerated by the signatory below.
The world community passed the Genocide Convention on December 9, 1948 to
guarantee "the General Declaration of Human Rights" from December 10, 1948
which was the constructive consequence of the earlier crimes perpetrated by
the then German state (Holocaust) and to be a binding world order to which
the USA itself committed.

You invoked with your requirement to "Speak the truth!" by the one God, who
is said that he submitted mankind the divine offer to return to truth and

Yours faithfully,


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