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exciting times in theosophy.

Aug 07, 2009 02:40 PM
by Rialto Maldonado

 our no 2 and 3 are spending five days haunting wheaton right now and thourghly                    enjoying themselves we have heard. they have a pile of gooodies fore kingston                      lodge to bring back. we our selves are into the third month of  a publishing writing                  project which last into early next year. everybody in the lodge is involved.                             we willpublish it ourselves and sell it ourselves on line and locally to in kingston.                    the the title servicew to the light, practical service to the three objects of the ts in                  real world in real applications to will have all the ts data on how contact the ts         addresses too.were excited. it is going is said the master says it only once.                 so were doing it in action.the book is non profit and will support ts
 work in kingston.we are non profit anyway and we give it away  when we raise the funds to do  service.                     we have a smalll bak aCCOUNT but its small.there are exciting times in kingston                   ahead.                    


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