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Re: Theos-World being gratefull for theosophy

Aug 06, 2009 04:09 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Rialto, one thing you seem to have overlooked, as it is typical among Adyar 
theosophists, and probably among theosophists in general, is, that theosophy 
deals with spirituality, not with emotions.

While theosophy has indeed the potential to change the world, is lacks 
agents in the physical world, who are brave enough to go out into the world 
and speak out, which is the highest kind of esotericism.
But even the term esotericism is not understood by theosophists.

Spirituality is never weak, but strong. In every way in each University 
subject the Aryan doctrines are unter fire each day.
Myriads of lies each day, whole nations under mass hypnosis.

Were are the theosophists, which make theosophy practical first and care for 
posts second?

When I arrived at organized theosophy 20 years back, I found degenerated 
organziations and weak leaders.
If I would have cared about posts I would have saved not one book, not one 
magazine, written no letter, hold not one lecture, as I could lament on it 
until the end of the manvantara.

The decision was before me. Instead of lamenting about posts, I opted for 
the practical work, which was fallen behind.
That was a big shock for the theosophists, who love to sit on the sofa and 
lament about future plans which never, never ever are executed and who 
redistribute posts on a daily basis.
The hypocrites and swindlers within, who have no right for membership, were 
shaken up from a person, which loves more to act that to chat. Scandalous!

When I bear in mind, that most theosophists have no idea, what HPB wanted 
(given, that theos-talk shows a representative average), nor understand the 
more advanded teachings of her successor Gottfried de Purucker, of which his 
published books give hints, I am not much surprized, when GdeP stated in the 
1930'ies, that the Theosophial Movement will be a failure, if the then 
reached intellectual and spiritual level at his school cannot be hold in the 
future and when I compare the Point Loam spirit with the present spirit.

Obviously even a kitchen maid in Point Loma has had more competence about 
theosophy than many of today.

But that is not the worst thing.

Far worse is, that is seems no one to bother, except myself.

In this time of universal deceit action, action, action is needed from 
No wait for the right leader necessary, although a strong united 
organization with a spiritual leader at the top could multiply efforts.

But each group has the leader, it earns karmically.
Right action is needed, then right leaders come, not the other way round.
Trevor Barker has often called attention to this simple logic.

Theosophists must come to masters, not the other way round.

Masters help, when the lying dormant work is done.
We have to clear a backlog and need to transform us to the level, which 
under GdeP was reached, then the link will be re-united and we could 
continue the work supsended in the 1930'ies.

If the link will be further on be broken, more misery to the world and 
theosophists will come.

Those, who help to build the temple of the future, will be helped.

Everyone knows that, who has overcome his lower self at least for moments 
and has begun to enter the practical path of theosophy.

No other decision or solution can be logical, if theosophy is true. And it 
is true, as I know.


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From: Rialto Maldonado
Sent: Thursday, August 06, 2009 10:35 PM
Subject: Theos-World being gratefull for theosophy

   ive just got back from a council meeting of our lodge,i read the forum 
carefully.                     we have been harsh on our leaders and we 
should practice service to the three                      objects in very 
real ways in a very real world.theosophy can change the world if we 
let it do so.we try in kingston to do that in practice.we just sent a cheque 
to tos and               did a whole pile of stuff conected with wheaton and 
local connections.                                   we should be gratefull 
that theosophy has the potential to change the world,


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