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Re: Theos-World Swine flu propaganda in 1976 -- Goethe and Blavatsky vindicated

Aug 06, 2009 10:37 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Some readers may be interested what the undying Goethe has to do with the 
recent virus swindle propaganda of conventional medicine, which holocausted 
in the middle ages the wise white German women, who were initiated Hexen 
(witches) of the holy hains and were the carriers of natural religion, esp. 
healing and naturopathy, are not new.

As with the invention of bird flu, swine flu etc. in the past they invented 
the pest. But the people did nod die from any pest, but rather from the 

Goethe has eye-witnessed this mass murder 200 years ago. Does that sound 
familiar to you?

Obviously Goethe was in mortal fear of being sentenced to death penalty of a 
Masonic revenge lodge.
He new that the best musician Mozart, who was with Paracelsus a notorious 
German patriot, was murdered by the brothers of the shadow, because he knew 
too much about them.
Goethe was also aware of the fact, that Schiller did the lodge death because 
he discovered the dark machinations of the evil forces and wrote it down in 
a book manuscript, which was stolen from his home after his death, obviously 
by his murder and is unknown to this day.

But Goethe tricked the brothers of the shadow out. Three editions of his Dr. 
Faust (Dr. Fist! does that emblem remind you to any ideology?) part I went 
off the printer.
The dark side lost a lit bit its alertness. Into the 4th edition he 
smuggeled in a new paragraph, containing his eye-witness report.

He let's Dr. Faust a whistleblower speak out:

Here was the medicine; the patients died,
And no one questioned: who got well?
Thus we with hellish nostrums, here
Within these mountains, in this dell,
Raged far more fiercely than the pest.
I gave the poison unto thousands, ere
They pined away; and I must live to hear
The shameless murderers praised and blessed.

And I must live to hear
The shameless murderers praised and blessed.

Does it not remind one to the millions of innocent souls, who are murdered 
today by an absolute evil science under the mask of Aids AZT etc. thearaphy 
or cancer theraphy.

The masters clearly declared, that they refuse to help, unless science 
abandones its materialistic, detsructive and selfish, money-making way 
descending down to the point of the absolute evil.

Blavatsky and the wrong theory of infection, which is as much wrong as the 
theory of evolution, contrasted in a good new dawn article:

For the record of for those in the German speaking countries here is the 
original German paragraph.
Note, that Latwergen is old for poisons as virus is also Latin for poison:

Hier war die Arzenei, die Patienten starben,
Und niemand fragte: wer genas?
So haben wir mit höllischen Latwergen (d.h.Gift)
In diesen Tälern, diesen Bergen
Weit schlimmer als die Pest getobt.
Ich habe selbst den Gift an Tausende gegeben:
Sie welkten hin, ich muß erleben,
Daß man die frechen Mörder lobt.

My question: Were are the theosophists?
Do they defend Aryan wisdom and its tenets?
Or have they capitulated?
Or do they wait for mom or some Mahatma?



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