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Re: Theos-World Swine flu propaganda in 1976

Aug 06, 2009 01:01 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Hi Robert,

you ask me about my work.
I give you some examples.
Writing reader's letters to the press, tv and radio stations, universities 
and websites defending HPB and theosophy, when falsely attacked or in 
promoting the teachings to give an alternative view to any topic I find it 
is represented in a manner contrary to the teachings of ancient wisdom.
Holding lectures, if invited.
Speak to student of religious science of universities on request (which btw, 
ended with headaches, as they were just laughing and did not understood one 
iota, the mention of the term karma let them rofl and no explanation made 
them wiser).
Translation of relevant paragraphs to any topic, which met current topics 
and sent them around via email to multiplicators (present example the virus 

Speaking out to authorities, writing inquiries to Robert Koch institute for 
example to have proofs of their lies for the record.
Writing petitions to the parliamants, f.e., when two Tibetan lamas were in 
attempt to receive in 2003 death penalty from Chinese foreign rule.
My petition was adopted by Bundestag parliament word by word, which happens 
not too often.

I help with information for dissertations.
Supporting of civil right groups, esoteric groups, attending meetings and 
speak out.
Re-collecting the 60plus theosophical magazines in Germany from 1884 on, 
thousands of pamphlets, thousands of books in the closer sense, probably 
hundreds of thousands in the wider sense.

This is nearly all I can do without money and co-workers.

Superfluous to say that my little work is aggressively attacked by the 
so-called theosophists, which feel disturbed in their cemetery and 
destruction mindset.
Local theosophists claim that is black magic to collect newspaper articles, 
in which Blavatsky is attacked. This will support the hate therein I then 
increase bad karma!
A theosophist in good standing will not read, nor listen to newspaper 
articles which are critical.
Contrast this with the temporarily closing of the I.G. in London on master's 
orders because they left a newspaper article about theosophy unnoticed.

He, who collects books, must be insane, according to the steadfest 
convictions of local theosophists, which shows, that I do not understand 
HPB, no wonder, because I am too young!
Theosophy is a spiritual thing and has NOTHING to do with physical books, so 
I am a black magician.
There were also public requests to destroy the rest of the libraries, as it 
is claimed that HPB ordered that no theosophist is allowed to have more than 
100 books!!
A person, who possesses more than 100 books, receive the attention of the 
Masters and as a forfeit they send diseases to help the person to get back 
to the right way.
The right way is to sit on the sofa and make the most idiotic claims of 
superiodity and importance and the soon arrival of the Masters as reward for 

Of course I have a vision of what more could be done if there where 
co-workers, money and an organziation in the back.
The more as I have studied later on, after I was puzzled about my visions, 
Katherine Tingley's big plans for a world center in Germany.
And I notice the hints of Gottfried de Purucker, who has started his 
unification movement in 1931, claiming that the forces of the dark side 
could only be hold in check when all theosophists would work together, 
multiply their energies and would speak to the world with one voice.

This failed so far and the result is the present world condition, where the 
lie rules.
The virus lie, the vaccinate lie, the CO2 lie, the moon landing lie, the 
nuclear energy lie, the free press lie, the war lies, the democracy lie, the 
911 lie, the Afghanistan lie, the Iraq lie, the Vietnam lie, the Korea lie, 
the holo lie, the pyramid lies, the bible lies, the cancer/chemo theraphy 
lie, the forest dieback lie, the meat lie, and thousands of lies more which 
are spread on a daily basis in the mass medias and believed by the masses, 
who are held without real eduction and who are not able to think.

Robert, you are right, when you state that people must research and think 
for themselves.
I as a little man can only saw and appeal to think for themselves.

Internet is a good way a reach people. Attempts to create a homepage failed 
so far with some untrustworthy helpers. A run a homepage and add new 
articles is a task which would need many hands.
But I send email news around and I know that they are not unnoticed by 
people who are important multiplicators.

Yes, the demons rule in medicine, egyptology, politics, biology, religion, 
press, economy - everyhwhere.
If I would have three, five, ten or twenty co-workers I could stir up 
Germany and bring the country back to her spiritual mission.
Steiner said in 1917, that WWI could have been prevented, had there been 50 
or so spiritual co-workers as the dark side had also but 50 or so workers 
who launched the war.
Samdhong Rinpoche said, Tibet will be free, when 50 or 60 spiritual Tibetans 
would do the spiritual work, but they have them not and it may take 

If not a wonder happens, the Aryans will annihilate themselves and 
Europe-America will be destroyed as Atlantis.
Obviously the same souls are at the trigger.


----- Original Message ----- 
From: robert_b_macd
Sent: Monday, August 03, 2009 10:06 PM
Subject: Re: Theos-World Swine flu propaganda in 1976

Hi Frank,

Your post brings up some questions in my mind.

How do you fight the NWO? If the NWO is about information and control, then 
how do you fight that? If we look at cancer as an example of a NWO disease, 
how do we fight it? Big Pharma, naturally, does not want to cure cancer. 
They want to be able to treat it with costly drugs over the lifetime of the 
patient, maximize profit, and financially enslave the populace so that it is 
unable to look elsewhere for help. What can the theosophist do to break this 

It is not enough to make the information available, you have to make the 
populace believe that the information is valuable so that they will take the 
time to research it for themselves. This is the great failure of our time, 
people look for micro-wave answers for the problems of our time. The fact 
that the microwave can cook meals almost instantly seems a great thing. 
However, what it does to the food many people do not know nor do they want 
to know. We take the easy path, increasing the poisons in our systems.

How do you get people to start doing the hard work that is necessary in 
order to move ahead? You don't even have to change everyone, merely the five 
per cent. It is this five per cent, the cream of the middle class that the 
dark forces have always feared. They are the reason that the dark forces are 
working hard to create a two class system, rich and poor. If this five per 
cent does not wake up, we are all in for some tough times ahead. Giving 
money for cancer research feeds the Big Pharma Cancer Demon. Trying to 
educate others one on one, doesn't work most of the time, people are not 
interested, in fact it is almost another way of feeding the Cancer Demon, 
the harder you push the further away you push them. Those who try to 
publicly educate others are marginalized and made to look foolish through 
the huge Media Conglomerates. In an effort to help, they only make matters 
worse. Then, how do you change the mindset of the average individual? When 
you preach it is invariably to the converted, how do you reach the 
unconverted? Is there anyway to do this?

Cancer is one of the many religions of our time. Yet as a group, 
theosophists seem to have a higher percentage of members capable of seeing 
beyond the dogmatism of this religion and able to protect themselves. This 
is a quality of mind. How do we get others to share in this quality of mind? 
We need moderate Christians, moderate Jews, moderate Buddhist, Hindus, 
Moslems, all being able to find a home in the Theosophical Movement so that 
they can begin to share in this quality of mind. It is they who have more 
influence with their co-religionists and who over time can begin to change 
things around. So, how as a Movement do we include others? Sorry Frank, but 
I do think organizational questions are important at a deeper level. At its 
basis it is about how one person relates to another. Theosophy should be 
creating self-reliance and leadership abilities, not blind followers. If we 
are not doing this as well as we might, then what can we offer to our fellow 
man? It may be too late for this cycle, but there will be future cycles and 
we will have to learn Brotherhood at some point. How do we reach out to 
others and affect Humanities quality of mind?

Organizations are about how we relate to one another. Clearly, as 
individuals we can bypass the organizational apparatuses and appeal directly 
to one another, but a good organization is conducive to growth. More members 
mean more people learning how to question and grow. In the end this will 
lift all mankind. When people stop investing time and energy into the many 
Religious Demons of our time, then we will have successfully won those 
battles. People must learn to turn their minds away from these Demons, turn 
to the Spirit. How do we do this?

Robert Bruce

--- In, "Frank Reitemeyer" <ringding2009@...> 
> Thanks, Cass, I was not aware of this comment.
> As cant and hypocricy about "freedom" (which is the terror of the lower
> self, as HPB would put it) and "democracy" (which is in no way of the
> people, from the people, nor for the people, but rather a big theater
> orchestrated by foreign rule behind the curtain) are ruling in the USA 
> since
> around 100 years or more, theosophy has no place there.
> It was in 1913, with the tricky launch of the FED, if not earlier, then 
> with
> entering two wars against a country, with which the American people had
> never had any quarrel before (compare Katherine Tingley about it), that 
> the
> theosophic spirit of the high-minded founding fathers was killed.
> This spirit reminds one on the true Prussia. After the first Jesuit 30 
> years
> war, Prussia became the most modern state in the world. Religious 
> tolerance,
> so that the persecuted huguenots of France could flee in large numbers to
> Prussia), first compulsory schooling for all in the world, freedom for
> science and arts, which led to German Idealism, the highest concentration 
> of
> high-minded and spiritual leaders in music (Beethoven, Mozart, Bach,
> Handel), arts (Anton von Werner, Weidenbach), architects (Schinkel,
> Knobelsdorff), politics (Stein, Hardenberg, Steuben), poetry (the Brothers
> Grimm, Busch, Schiller, Goethe, Kleist, Fontane, Brentano, Nicolai),
> philosophy-mysticism (Hegel, Kant, Fechner, Zollner) , the first
> administrative court system in the world, where oridinary citizens could
> suit unjust officials, even the king, and where able to win (think of the
> famous windmill suit against the king, compare it with your changes today 
> in
> "democracy" to win a law suit against officials), inventors, researchers 
> in
> such a mass unparalleled in world history.
> No recorded history in the world has such an output of spiritual energy 
> and
> new inventions as in th period of 1871-1900 in Prussia.
> No wonder England and USA felt it necessary to defame Prussia and Germany
> and plot two world wars without reason and rationality - "to safe
> Christianity" (HPB would say - Jesuitism).
> In an address in 1898 to members of the Universal Brotherhood Katherine
> Tingley postulates the need of the German scientific learning for the
> Theosophical Movement.
> KT's postulate was obviously overheard. Instead incoorperate the German
> spirit into organized theosophy, most theosophists helped to destroy the
> spirit in Germany.
> It seems to Germany it was necessary to lost the wars on the physical 
> plane
> to bring the German spirit out to heal the world.
> Note the recent hero scientists Dr. Hamer with his Germanic New Medicine
> against the cancer conspiracy and Dr. Stefan Lanka who fights as a
> virologist against the virus lie.
> Both speak out. Both fight for truth against the dark lodge.
> They are as original thinkers theosophists, although they may not even 
> have
> heard of the term.
> There is a revolution in it. And the brothers of the shadow know it.
> The point is that with the advent of the internet the dark forces are not
> able anymore to suppress all this important information.
> So in the last analysis the dark forces got a Pyrric victory. The German
> spirit is still alive.
> Even when theosophists fail to do their homework and are satisfied with
> quarrels about posts and forget the main work, the great ones must and 
> will
> find new ways to bring the theosophical truths to the world. When
> theosophical groups flop and begin to work for the brothers of the shadow,
> masters will help to crush them.
> Each group has the leader it deserves.
> Most theosophists do not want a leader with higher knowledge as they have.
> So they get no leader.
> A true leader comes in, when there are two or three together in right
> spirit.
> Frank
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> From: Cass Silva
> To:
> Sent: Monday, August 03, 2009 4:11 AM
> Subject: Re: Theos-World Swine flu propaganda in 1976
> Thomas Paine returned to America in 1802, and for the next seven years he
> lived in poverty and isolation. The great and fearless soul of Thomas 
> Paine
> went to its own place on June 8, 1809, the year that Abraham Lincoln was
> born.
> The founding of the American Republic, which obviously formed part of the
> work of the Theosophical Movement, was an attempt to prepare a place where
> thought might be free from dogmatic religious prejudice and bigotry. From
> the moment of its conception, the United States has had a leading role in
> the great drama of human evolution. Washington and Paine were the creators
> of this Republic, Abraham Lincoln its preserver. Americans of the present
> and coming generation will be either its regenerators or its destroyers.
> The "moment of choice" for this country will, from all indications, end in
> 1975. Between now and then the American people must decide whether their
> country will go forward or backward. In her Five Messages to the American
> Theosophists H.P.B. told us that our Karma as a nation had brought 
> Theosophy
> home to us. In the Fourth Message, written just before her death, she gave
> us the method by which this country might be saved.
> Be Theosophists, work for Theosophy! Theosophy first and Theosophy last; 
> for
> its practical realization alone can save the Western world from that 
> selfish
> and unbrotherly feeling that now divides race from race, one nation from 
> the
> other; and from that hatred of class and social considerations that are 
> the
> curse and disgrace of so-called Christian peoples. Theosophy alone can 
> save
> it from sinking entirely into that mere luxurious materialism in which it
> will decay and putrefy as civilizations have done. In your hands, 
> brothers,
> is placed in trust the welfare of the coming century; and great as is the
> trust, so great also is the responsibility.
> ________________________________
> COMPILER'S NOTE: The "Great Theosophists" series ended with the above
> article.
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> Next article:
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> Precursors of H.P.B.'s Mission
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> >From: Frank Reitemeyer <ringding2009@...>
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> >Sent: Monday, 3 August, 2009 11:19:42 AM
> >Subject: Theos-World Swine flu propaganda in 1976
> >
> >
> >Rare CBS docu, never shown again:
> >http://www.dailymot x9mh9f_swine- flu-1976- propaganda_
> >webcam
> >
> >What did theosophists do in 1976 to protect the truth?
> >Were they almost in coma like in 2009, while the dark forces have
> >multiplied
> >their power since 1976?
> >
> >Today the dark forces work mainly through the "universities" .
> >Someone said, that many theosophists are academics.
> >What does all this mean?
> >Is there a conspiracy within the Theosophical Movement, which forces the
> >attention of the members to quarrel about organizations and posts instead
> >of
> >fighting the battle against the dark forces?
> >
> >What would HPB do today with the dark NWO forces and their virus lies?
> >And what would HPB do with the theosophists?
> >And what would the theosophists do with HPB today, if she were here in 
> >the
> >physical?
> >Would they again kick her in the ass as they did in 1885 at Adyar?
> >
> >Frank
> >
> >
> >
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