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Membership in India

Aug 05, 2009 07:37 PM
by MKR

During the last several months, we had many messages discussing the
membership recruitment and retention in various sections. The glaring fact
is that the membership in India is continually growing whereas outside
India, it is either stagnant or declining.

I recently had a discussion with a member from India about the membership in
Indian Section. I had a very surprising news. In the Southern Indian State
of Karnataka, where the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is located, they
have 3,000 members. It is more than the membership of several countries put
together. Some one from the West need to visit and study the factors which
is contributing to such membership numbers.

In a related matter, when Olcott visited Bangalore in 1800s, in a single day
he inaugurated two Lodges in Bangalore. This is amazing considering the
conditions then existing in India. Years ago, when I lived in Bangalore, we
used to have a crowd of 1,000 for Federation Meetings.

This might interest some.


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