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Blavatsky's Masters discovered? - (Part 1 of 4)

Aug 05, 2009 11:51 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Dear friends

My views are:

Here follows part 1 of 4 on the quest for H. P. Blavatsky masters.

Charles J. Ryan wrote:
"Tsong-khapa is the noblest and wisest of the reformers of Northern Buddhism, and though he was originally an apostle of the semi-reformed "Kargyutpa" School, he attached himself to another Order, the "Khadampas," "Those bound by the Ordinances," in order to build the regenerated system which developed into the "Gelugpas," or Yellow Cap Order, which became the established church of Tibet. He also reorganized the esoteric or mystic brotherhood (the "esoteric division" of Blavatsky, quoted above) with which a few of the highest lamas have the privilege of affiliation. Very little is known of this brotherhood in the outside world. 
Since Tsong-khapa's reform, conditions never descended to the former low levels, but as mentioned before they were not ideal. The Gelugpas, however, were far superior to some of the Red Cap sects in western Tibet which remained addicted to the old Bon black magic. 

We have no space to describe the interesting vicissitudes of Buddhist yoga in Tibet, but the student will find the information in Evans-Wentz's authoritative works, which have greatly added to Western knowledge of Lamaism. His Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines covers a hitherto unknown field of first-hand information and, as he says, the seven principal treatises translated from the Tibetan represent a comprehensive expression of Mahayana or Northern Buddhism, the "greater path." They are not all, however, of equal value to seekers for spiritual light. 

The treatises were translated from the Tibetan by the late Lama Kazi Dawa-Samdup, Professor of Tibetan at Calcutta University and an initiated lama of the Kargyutpa Order of Mahayana Buddhism -- whose chief doctrines are pure and elevating. He was well qualified to interpret teachings and yoga methods little known, if at all, outside the lamaseries. Even with the assistance of his careful translations and Evans-Wentz's admirable commentaries, many Western scholars find the subject matter difficult to comprehend because so few even suspect the existence of the widely differing inner planes of nature with their corresponding states of consciousness, which are familiar to occultists. 

We may mention in passing that the Lama Dawa-Samdup is a notable witness in defense of Blavatsky against the absurd charges made in her lifetime that she invented the teachings of the ancient wisdom, theosophy. In another work, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, Evans-Wentz writes: 

  The late Lama Kazi Dawa-Samdup was of opinion that, despite the adverse criticisms directed against H. P. Blavatsky's works, there is adequate internal evidence in them of their author's intimate acquaintance with the higher lamaistic teachings, into which she claimed to have been initiated. -- p. 7 
But Blavatsky belonged to a higher order of instruction and achievement than the word "lamaistic" usually signifies, unless the words "higher lamaistic teachings" are construed to mean the ancient wisdom, the "Esoteric Budhism," as she called the teachings of the Great White Lodge. It would not be fair, however, to infer that all the lamaistic institutions in Tibet lost their spiritual life, for the Master K. H. and Blavatsky mention certain lamaseries in Lhasa and elsewhere where true and initiated occultists lived and worked in the training schools for chelas in genuine spiritual yoga. Blavatsky says that many Orientalists confuse the genuine lamas of certain lamaseries in Lhasa, etc., with the numerous charlatans and sorcerers of the Bon sectarians. "

- - -

>From the above we learn that Tsong Kha-Pa was associated with the Kargyutpa School and associated with the Khadampas Order. Now researching these schools one find, that Google offers some info, but not that much about these Schools. Yet in the next e-mail part (2) we will find that Evans-Wentz can be quoted for some interesting words about the Kargyutpa School, which he calls the WHITE DYNASTY.

The Kargyutpa and Khadampas School could also daringly be re-named the Kagyupa or Kagyu School.

Yet, Damodar says clearly:
"Note. -- We know of only one MAHATMA bearing the name of my venerated GURU DEVA who holds a well-known public office in Thibet, under the TESHU LAMA. For aught we know there may be another bearing the same name; but at any rate he is not known to us, nor have any of those, we are acquainted with in Thibet, heard of him. And this personage, my BELOVED MASTER, is, as I have described Him, resembling the portrait in Mr. Sinnett's possession, and and does not look old. Perhaps the clairvoyants are confounding the sect of Khadampas with the Kauthumpas? The former, although not regular Dougpas, are great magicians and indulge in practices an Adept of the good Law would feel disgusted with -- such as the well known phenomenon of ripping open the abdomen, exposing the intestines, and then restoring them to their normal place and condition, &c. &c. The latter, the Kauthumpas, are the disciples of my MASTER.

And various branches of New Age groups are today also false.

I am not saying that all of the above is all true, but I find it suggestive.

M. Sufilight

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