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Swine flu propaganda in 1976

Aug 02, 2009 06:19 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Rare CBS docu, never shown again:

What did theosophists do in 1976 to protect the truth?
Were they almost in coma like in 2009, while the dark forces have multiplied 
their power since 1976?

Today the dark forces work mainly through the "universities".
Someone said, that many theosophists are academics.
What does all this mean?
Is there a conspiracy within the Theosophical Movement, which forces the 
attention of the members to quarrel about organizations and posts instead of 
fighting the battle against the dark forces?

What would HPB do today with the dark NWO forces and their virus lies?
And what would HPB do with the theosophists?
And what would the theosophists do with HPB today, if she were here in the 
Would they again kick her in the ass as they did in 1885 at Adyar?



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