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Re: Theos-World Truth is a Pathless Land - Rare Video Krishnamurti Reading it

Aug 01, 2009 03:54 PM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Dear MKR and firends

My views are:

If these videos should be taken as J. Krishnamurti's attempt to clear away the confusion created around his activity as a Messiah or as a non-Messiah, I would say he did a bad job.

Nobody is going arround in theosophical circles telling people in - public - that they are the Messiah or are overshadowed by the Messiah - without clearly explaining the issue so to avoid confusion and emotionalism. Such an activity is not healthy. A Messiah aught exactly to be recognized and just not merely believed OR be promoted so to be merely believed. And the whole mess about a Messiah allowing himself (or herself) to be discovered (singlehandedly) by an alleged Phaedophile with 'his' fingers - so to speak - in the Christian "cookie-jar" of the unholy Eucharist seems to me to be a mocking of all what promulgation of the theosophical teachings is all about. I wonder why did such a claimed Messiah like J. Krishnamurti do such a stupid thing. But maybe I have missed something?

His 1930 speech is allright - if understood properly.
Yet, dispelling the above problems he most certainly did not.
Saying what he did, without clearly dispelling the confusion created by himself and others about who he was (Messiah, or no-Messiah, or what else) and why his spiritual fruits looked so meager compared with other avatars - just shows him to be a unhealthy cup of Avatarhood in my eyes.

Does his words imply, that the Theosophical Society aught to close down and avoid the promulagation the theosophical teachings, the wisdoms teachings of all ages past?
Was HPB and Master M and KH in error?

My answer:
I think not, and say no to both questions.
It is exactly through the search after Truth and Wisdom in an organisation as the TS, that truth will be found. But, each individual should know and learn about - what conditioning is and what a sect really is defined to be - like Krishnamurti was referring to. But Krishnamurti  did not clearly define this, and the confusion about his views was continued.

Because of this it is certainly not quite healthy to the present day TS, that J. Krishnamurti's spiritual impacts, as far as I know, have not been clearly compared with other theosophical teachings - especially the founders teachings included, and also his teachings validity (also chronologically speaking, before and after year 1929) deeply questioned.

Just some of my views on the matter.

M. Sufilight

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    Truth is a Pathless Land - Krishnamurti Reading what he said in Ommen Camp
  on August 3, 1929

  There are two parts. Second one is his reading the Truth is a Pathless Land.

  A rare video of the young Jiddu Krishnamurti in New York (1928) and Ojai
  (1930), reading what he had said at the Ommen Camp on August 3, 1929
  (dissolution of the Order of the Star).


  An important video many will enjoy.



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