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Aug 01, 2009 10:42 AM
by Govert Schuller

Dear t_s_theosophist,

The Orlando Lodge seems to rightfully demand the following:

"If you have documented affidavits of the accusations you make, please provide us a copy of them. We have a right to see such evidence."

I like to see the same standard applied to the following counter-accusation:

"It is a first attempt to censure Orlando Lodge for its' strong and vocal support for Radha Burnier vs: the "Infamous Quartet." "

Where's the proof? 


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  From: t_s_theosophist 
  Sent: Friday, July 31, 2009 10:24 PM


  It is a first attempt to censure Orlando Lodge for
  its' strong and vocal support for Radha Burnier
  vs: the "Infamous Quartet."

  Our well designed and well articulated Orlando
  Lodge website continues to recieve many compliments, and has had within
  a one year peroid to date 12,861 visitors, and growing.
  (Since June 2008)

  Why Do They Feel The Need to Slander & Censure Us?

  Our Quarterly E-Newsletter is read by over 1250 recipients each quarter
  and has had excellent reviews by many notable Theosophists.

  Why Do They Feel The Need To Slander & Censure Us?

  Anyone is always welcome to visit Orlando Lodge for our meetings and
  fellowship. And those who have been here always remark
  about a Good Feeling of genuine hospitality,
  harmony and an evident sense of brotherly regard.

  Why Do They Feel The Need To Slander & Censure Us?

  It doesn't take any clairvoyance to see what is happening...You figure
  it out.


  The following letter was recieved via postal mail addressed to "William
  Delahunt, President of the T.S. In Orlando." William Delahut is the
  Lodge Secretary. It is from Mr.Jerome Michel, Eastern Director of the
  TSA. The letter contains strong accusations based on heresay
  and gossip impuning the character of Mr.Delahunt There is NO factual
  proof of these
  inflamatory accusations. Below Mr. Michels letter is a response from The
  Executive Committee and Board of Directors of The Theosophical Society
  in Orlando ( Orlando Lodge.) Mr. Michel has never been to Orlando Lodge
  and does not know any of its members ]



  July 24, 2009

  Dear William Delahunt,

  This letter is to inform you of a TSA board action to remove the name of
  the Orlando Lodge indefinitely from the TSA web page.

  This action has been taken as a result of an ongoing pattern of
  incidents in which persons expressing views contrary to yours have been
  made to feel unwelcome, harassed for their views, removed from lodge
  membership or been driven out or locked out of lodge meetings. Some have
  reported psychological distress over the way in which they have been

  These incidents taken together, constitute a pattern of behavior
  extending over a number of years. Such behavior is inconsistent with the
  nature of theosophy and the purpose of the Theosophical Soiety in

  It is unfortunate that this situation has been allowed to continue so
  long in the name of the Theosophical Society in America. Our
  investigations of complaints by those affected leave us no choice. We
  hope that you and your board will recognize that these actions violate
  both the Society's committment to our Freedom of Thought policy, and the
  simple requirement of sympathy with the Society's first object as the
  basis for accepting members.

  Our hope for your contined spiritual evolution is unchanged

  Jerome Michel
  Eastern Director
  Theosophical Society In America


  Reply From Orlando Lodge Board of Directors.

  [ Orlando Lodge Letterhead ]

  July 30, 2009

  Dear Jerome Michel;

  This is a reply to your letter to William Delahunt of July 24, 2009.

  William Delahunt is the Secretary of Orlando Lodge, not the President.
  We are greatly disturbed by the accusatory tone of your letter.

  If you have documented affidavits of the accusations you make, please
  provide us a copy of them. We have a right to see such evidence.

  If not, we insist that you cease & desist this unfounded attempt at
  character assassination of William Delahunt, and provided an apology.

  William Delahunt is a valued member of Orlando Lodge, a member for the
  past 40 years, and a tireless worker for Theosophy. It is mainly due to
  his efforts that Orlando Lodge remains a vibrant vital Theosophical
  Spiritual center in Central Florida.

  We have NEVER violated any Theosophical policy, and have ALWAYS played
  by the rules.

  The ONLY requirement for membership in the Theosophical Society is the
  assent to the ideal of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity. To join a
  Lodge or Branch the policy has always been that the applicant must be
  sponsored by a current member in good standing and have the positive
  vote of the membership.

  It has long been a Theosophical ethos based upon the teachings of Madame
  Blavatsky that we do NOT teach or engage in Spiritualistic practices
  such as Mediumship, Astral Projection, Psychic Development, Seances,
  Ouija board, Communication with the deceased and other such activities.
  There are those who in the past have made strong attempts to include
  these things in our agenda.

  When we explain that these are NOT congruent with our perspective &
  teachings they develop a strong animus against us. So what are we to do?

  We refuse to let you make William Delahunt the scapegoat for the animus
  of these dis-gruntled seekers. The Membership of Orlando Lodge and the
  Board of Directors stand fully behind and have Full Confidence in
  William Delahunt.

  We find this un-warranted slander of Mr.Delahunt highly Un-Theosophical.
  This arbitrary action to promote aome private agenda , without prior
  notice or a hearing with the parties involved also violates "due
  and the Resolutions of the General Council of the Theosophical Society.

  You don't even really know Mr. Delahunt. In fact your do not know any of
  the members of Orlando Lodge, you have never been here.
  If you did, you would realize how inane and ludicrous your accusations
  really are.

  William Delahunt is greatly respected in the Central Florida Community
  for his many years of work and advocacy on behalf of the homeless,
  prison reform and for interfaith education and dialogue. He is a warm
  and personable human being, and has spent a lifetime devoted to
  Theosophical education.

  It is unfortunate that you come to your conclusions based upon
  incomplete information, biased hearsay & gossip and the animus of
  someone with a private agenda.

  We trust that in the spirit of TRUTH and of FAIR PLAY you will attempt
  to be objective, revise your hasty decision, and issue an aplogy.

  Cordially & Fraternally;

  For the Board of Directors & The Executive Committee;

  The Theosophical Society In Orlando

  The Theosophical Society In Orlando

  The Theosophical Society In Orlando



  1. Set aside 10 minutes a day wherever you are,at whatever time or place
  that is convenient for you.

  2. Take a few minutes to "Center," "Enter The Silence." however best you
  do it. Going to that
  place deep within you where Truth abides in Fullness. It is from this
  center that You Will KNOW The Truth of things.

  3. You may want to visualize the T.S. Seal. Quietly recite to yourself
  The Invocation To Unity.

  The Invocation To Unity

  O Hidden Life, Vibrant In Every Atom;
  O Hidden Light, Shining In Every Creature; O Hidden Love, Embracing All
  In Oneness; May Each Who Feels Himself As One With Thee; Know He Is
  Therefore One With Every Other.

  Ponder these Truths awhile in The Silence.
  When your time is up...

  4. See a Golden Rose Brilliant Light spreading out and enveloping ALL
  Theosophists all over the world. KNOW that you have set Powerful Healing
  Forces to work for the Good.

  5. Resume your normal daily activities.


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