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Re: Theos-World Adyar is in danger

Jul 31, 2009 12:03 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

One should not intermix cause and effect.
What was first:
The dangerous situation for the Headquarters
to fail so miserably as the theosophists did in ignoring HPB's order to make 
theosophy practical?

Best proof is this valuable forum theos-talk.
12 years of theos-talk, 12 years gaggling.

Not one iota lost terrain kept back from the dark forces.

In the mean time the conspiracy continues, especially in, from and out of 
the madhouses the scientists so proudly claim to be "universities"!
Nearly not a single topic in the hands of so-called "universities", tv and 
press, which is not bases on fake, lie, swindle, failure, error, conspiracy, 
cant, hypocricy.

Mankind suffers as never before in history.

Theosophists does not concern it.

New age cranks dream about their salvation from imagined ufos, arch angels 
or gods.

Theosophists dream about their salvation from imagined masters or to get 
clairvoyant powers to overtrump their fellowmen.

Would theosophists do their homework and study theosophy and practise 
theosophy (defend mankind against Jahwe), they would have neither time nor 
reason to care for leaders, headquarters grounds, elections, posts, etc.

The problems come not from without but from within.

Theosophists who reveal HPB are the problem.

That's why no leader appeared.

The Theosophical Movement has become ULTized.

One should study Katherine Tingley, whom de Purucker called the greatest 
esotericist of the 20th century, to understand HPB better.

As long as theosophists refuse to learn, refuse to think, refuse to act 
against the dark forces, the problems within the TM and for the world at 
large will not fade away.

If you allow the kali yuga forces to spread, kali yuga will come.

No clever brain-minded conclusions can deny this simple truths away.



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