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Re: Betty Bland's Statement Regarding Elections

Jul 30, 2009 04:31 PM
by jasonsriram


Maybe it is just a case of "see it happened before". However, I agree with your assessment that there was no case of claims of either electioneering or false or misleading statements from either party as I recall in 1980. In fact I was in Adyar in 1980 and have no recollection of rancour or ongoing spatting as is occurring now. 

In 1976 she (Rukmini) was nominated to be President of India, a post she declined. I spoke with her in 1981 about it and she stated she declined because she had "no interest in political life". So I really doubt that it was anything other that an unwanted result from a post she felt she was qualified for. 

If Betty can disclose more on the source of her information I would be very interested to know more on this.


--- In, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
> Six weeks ago, Betty Bland, President (National Secretary) of TS in America,
> in a cyberspace write-up stated:
> .
> +++
> Although no one is contesting the outcome of the 2008 presidential election,
> the problem remains that the machinations of the international elections are
> unsound.   For example, the international presidential contest in 1980, when
> Radha Burnier won over Rukmini Devi, was also fraught with differences of
> opinion.
> +++
> .
> The comments coming from the National Head of TS in America, is surprising
> and need elaboration so that members can clearly understand the statement.
> .
> Dictionary defines machinations as:
> .
> ** a scheming or crafty action or artful design intended to accomplish some
> usually evil end
> .
> When anyone holding a high position in a spiritual organization such as TS
> makes such statements, I think members are owed an explanation backing up
> the statement.
> .
> The second comment about the 1980 election, is even more interesting. I have
> never seen any allegation from Rukmini Devi or her supporters inside TS or
> outside TS about anything questionable about the 1980 election.
> RukminiDevi, whose husband George
> Arundale was President succeeding Annie Besant, is very widely known in
> India and around the world due to her long active involvement in TS and her
> other outside activities. If there was any problem whatsoever with the 1980
> election, we would have heard them loud and clear soon after the election. I
> have not heard of any allegation or complaint. I do not know what
> information Betty Bland is privy to that ordinary members around the world
> are ignorant of. When such public statements are made, it is not
> unreasonable for members ask for substantiation.
> .
> Several weeks ago, I wrote an open letter to Betty requesting clarification.
> We have not heard anything so far.
> .
> The above situation does not help anyone. Already, level of trust many
> members have in the TS leaders is very low. This was the result of the
> election campaign and post election ultra secret attempt by general council
> members to disenfranchise members world-wide and seize the power to appoint
> the president.
> .
> I hope soon we will get some response substantiating the above statements.
> Due to the nature of the statements, by keeping silent, the questions
> surrounding the statements, are not going to go away.
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