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Re: Theos-World Mystical or Imaginary

Jul 29, 2009 10:14 PM
by Drpsionic

Hitler never hypnotized anyone.  He simply appealed to pre-existing  
beliefs and used well-known methods of persuasion and body language.
And yes, anyone can be hypnotized without their knowledge or consent.   The 
idea that it is not possible is one of the great nonsense myths around  
hypnosis which hypnotists find in their interest to continue having people  
And no, they normally do not lose consciousness, nor is it desirable that  
they should in most cases.  It is sufficient to remove memory.  As far  as 
the smoking business is concerned, there are simply limits to what hypnosis  
can do.  It is very hard to remove a chemical dependancy.  
Chuck the Heretic
In a message dated 7/29/2009 8:56:06 P.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:

Wanna bet its not will.  How did Hitler manage to mass hypnotise half  the 
german nation?  It is impossible to hypnotise a person without their  
knowing and without their consent.  I have been hypnotised many times  (for 
smoking) one doesn't even lose consciousness.  Only one hypnotiser  (over 20 years 
ago now)was successful.  I restarted, by choice, and none  of the others 
have been able to hypnotise me into quitting.

And  no, I did not want to quit the first time, even told him that I had no 
 intention of quitting but was here to appease my mother.  Didn't matter  
to him.


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>Will has nothing to do with it. It  is simply a matter of finding the keys 
>that activate certain thinking  processes and then using suggestion to do 
>the rest. You can  effectively hypnotize a person without the other person 
>even knowing  that he was hypnotized.
>For example, years ago a young friend  of mine was taking a math class and 
>was convinced that she was going  to fail the final exam because she was 
>drawing a blank on certain  things she knew would be on the test. I was 
>to her on the  phone and every so often would drop my voice an octave and 
>tell her  that she would remember everything when the time came. And that 
>was  all I needed to do.
>She passed the test easily because while  taking it, the suggestion I 
>planted kicked in and her own mind did the  rest of the work.
>Chuck the Heretic
>In a  message dated 7/28/2009 10:06:43 P.M. Central Daylight Time,  
>Hypnotism relies on  one person's will being stronger than anothers, 
>allowing a  hypnotists suggestion to take  hold.
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>>Subject: Re:  Theos-World Mystical or Imaginary
>>According to TS Glossary we  have:
>>"Hypnotism (Gr.). A name given by Dr. Braid to  various processes by 
>one person of strong
>>will-power  plunges another of weaker mind into a kind of trance; once in 
>such a  state the latter will do anything suggested to him by the 
>hypnotiser.  Unless produced for beneficial purposes, Occultists would 
call it black  
>magic or Sorcery. It is the most dangerous of practices, morally and  
>physically, as it interferes with the nerve fluid and the nerves  
controlling the 
>circulation in the capillary blood-vessels.  "
>>__http://www.phx-_ (http://www.phx-/)  _ (_http://www.phx-_ 
(http://www.phx-/)  /) ult-lodge. org/DEFGHIJK.  htm#h
>>Maybe there is a clue in the fact that various  drugs influences the 
>and/ or nerves in the brain  etc.
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>>Subject:  Theos-World Mystical or Imaginary
>>A question. If  schitzophrenia is a state of (temporary) possession, how 
>is it that  schizophrenic drugs can control the  possessed?
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