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Jul 29, 2009 10:25 AM
by Rialto Maldonado

man and machine, i use my mac and blackberery plus earbud all the time, our lodge                has enough computing power to  do anything,  my cell phone is on me all times                     and is an i phone,im a fyborge, all the poeple  i know are fyborges .most of mankind are fyborges and bims and artificial inteelligence are advancing all the time.binery                        the www are the world power house of activity in civilization.tommorrow the machine and man might be blurred completelly. with advance of ps ybernatics machines may look              like us and be smarter than us too,the imformation network evolves too and tomorrows          www might be beyond imagination today.bims and thought controlled psybernetic                   interffaces exist todeayboi psybernetics  is advancing,i read   that boi psybernetic                 systems could  be be more intelligent
 that all the computring power in the world                     skynet and psyborge or boi psyborge world technology could change civilization                    beyond our imaginations today.


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