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Death Blow from Misleading Secrecy

Jul 28, 2009 10:29 PM
by Messenger

Death Blow from Misleading Secrecy

In the last letter from Master KH received by Annie Besant in 1900, there is
a warning:


Not much attention was paid to the deep implications it had for all
organizations. It looks like the Master foresaw TS may fall a victim of the
Law. No one seems to have seen its real implication for the future of TS
until the start of the election tactics last year and post election

TS is a democratic organization with National and International Leaders
elected by the members. Transparency of operation is integral to democracy.
Transparent decision making results in greater confidence in and support for
the leaders. At the same time, it prevents behind the scenes horse trading
as well as avoids potential or real conflict of interest decisions by
leaders. Transparency also avoids deluded leaders from making decisions not
in the best interests of the organization.

Let us not forget that however dedicated, however long-standing, however
erudite and scholarly, a member is, still human nature is the same
everywhere. No one is immune from falling a prey to normal human temptations
arising from passion, egoism, greed or lust for power. Transparency is the
firewall to prevent these from affecting and hurting the TS.

The autonomous structure of TS was not result of a whim of a few people
sitting around a table and coming up with a plan. I am sure, the inputs and
guidance from those far wiser than all of us was behind it. The survival of
TS over a century is due to this autonomous structure.

Each Section being totally autonomous and operates like a fiefdom, can
immediately implement full transparency. The Section leaders can decide and
implement transparency here and now. If you carefully see all that has been
said by the section leaders and general council members, there is not a
single word about transparency. Far too long, these brothers and sisters
have lived in their comfortable cocoons and secrecy of operations made their
lives easy. It is time that they break out of the cocoon. It needs a real
leader with courage and commitment to show the way. The first one to do it
will be seen as a real leader and members will fall behind and support and
trust the leader. Are there any takers?

The longer the section leaders continue to operate in great secrecy, in
todayâs Internet environment, pressure will continue to escalate demanding
full transparency, like a juggernaut. The writing on the wall is very clear.

Internet is there to keep us informed. Let us keep tuned.

Messenger (aka MKR)


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