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A TS memberâs observation on non-existent Problem

Jul 28, 2009 09:44 PM
by Messenger

A TS memberâs observation on non-existent Problem

Sometime ago, a very observant TS member wrote in an online forum:

âIt appears to me that the difference in our opinion is the premise you
state: "that Theosophical Society has definite difficulties in its
functioning and further on assumed that these difficulties are related to
the: .. Lack of clear common vision about the nature of our Society.â

Many of us don't see it the way you present it and therefore don't agree
with either your presumption that there is a problem or your presumed
solution to a non-existant problem. This recent activity identifying the
"difficulties" within the TS appears to simply be the campaigning by
individuals (yourself included) to project their own ideas onto the
membership at large. This has happened many times before (As seen in xxx's
comment below - where all of those who believed their sectarianism was THE
correct one started their own TS) and will continue..â

When we look at the discussions on operational matters of TS brought up by
some, many  frequent participants and others have contributed their views
and arguments. Some were very passionate. In the case of some of them, many
had serious doubts about their real identities especially when
unsubstantiated allegations were made by them. But when disguise is used to
avoid personal responsibility for their statements, it is a wholly different
matter.  We know what happens when the disguise is about to be unmasked.
They disappear, not to be seen again.

In the light of the above and other discussions on this list, it is time to
look at and see what are the real immediate key issues around the TS where
it is worthwhile to concentrate our efforts. I will try to discuss them in a
message I plan to post soon.

Messenger (aka MKR)

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