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Re: Theos-World Salacious Gossip and other poisons

Jul 26, 2009 03:27 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Sounds as if the TS exists for its own merits.
For HPB the TS was nothing more than the tool to defend mankind against the 
dark forces.

Presently we face one of the biggest attacks of the dark forces and I see no 
theosophists fighting against th eblack lodge.
No Jedi Masters out there to defend the innocent people.

Instead of practical work, speaking out the black attacks and brave deeds 
just mental onanism with the own organization.
Theosophy checkmate.

In the meantime the brothers of the shadow continue their world genozid 
program with the virus conspiracy.
Aids, Sars, bird flu, swine flu to precipitace world-wide fear, shock and 

Then kill the innocent people in a false-falg operation with alleged 
"medicine" as the black lodge did 200 years ago with the pestilence 
conspiracy, which Goethe has eye-witnessed and was able to hide his 
eyewitness memo into the fourth edition of his Faust II.

Normal people do not know that the pandemic swindle of the WHO is directed 
by the US CDC.
All scientists and doctors of the CDC hold a militiary rank.
They are not civilians.
The CDC is (like Nasa and all other "private" industries) an arm of the 

The Aids-sars-flu swindle has nothing to do with science, research, truth.
For this reason they must not present any scientific proof for their virus 
In case of Aids the public waits since more than 20 decades for a single 
proof of an HIV virus.
All is a gigantic swindle.

Montagnier, the alleged "discoverer"  of the alleged HIV virus, was forced 
in 1997 to admit that until then he was not able to present a direct proof.
Gallo did not receive th enoble price for 2008, because whistleblowers 
showed that Gallo's alleged photos of the alleged HIV virus were faked and 
simply showed cell structures, but no virus.
So with all the other virusses, including measles.

If you have read John 8,44 and wonder wether the co-workers of the devil 
exists or not, you should take a look at CDC:

Swearing in of Miss Schuchat in full military clothes:

Many innocent people - the masses - do not know that the Pentagon, the 
military-industrial complex, invents and controls the pandemic swindles 
since decades including chemtrails, Haarp and other evil thing.

And they earn a lot of money by selling "medicine".

Many theosophists may think, theosophy was intended to suit their mind only.

Where is the practical work?

Was Theosophy not intended to save mankind from the coming annihilation?

And when in each country theosophists would stand up, speak out, reveal the 
conspiracies of the dark forces and try to save mankind, would it not be 
secondary, who the leader is?

I just fear that half of the mankind is killed by the dark forces before 
theosophists have cleaned out their augeas stable.

So instead of fight against the dark side theosophists seem to help them.


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Subject: Re: Theos-World Salacious Gossip and other poisons

  I agree with the point of view expressed. Many of the workers of TS in the
past have dedicated their lives, sacrificed prime of their lives and worked
very hard guided by what they saw as the best.

>From time to time, I stop and compare it to what I have sacrificed
personally for TS and theosophy. This comparison makes me very humble before
I can personally attack them. We may differ in philosophy or their mode of
operation, but the fact remains they have sacrificed.

As they say, give the devil its due; even when we disagree with their
philosophy or their work, the bottom line is their dedication and sacrifice
and we all should be grateful for it. This makes our lives much better.

Messenger (MKR)


On 7/26/09, robert_b_macd <> wrote:
> Hello All,
> Not being a member any longer of the Adyar TS, it is none of my business 
> as
> to how the internal organizational affairs of that Society are dealt with.
> However, as a theosophist, there is the larger question of how we treat 
> one
> another.
> When we were looking at the ES rules and pledge, one thing that came out 
> of
> that exercise was that we do not publicly disparage one another, 
> especially
> those who are in roles of leadership. This type of behavior may be 
> damaging
> to the leadership, but it is most certainly damaging to the Society as a
> whole. If there are problems with the leadership of a Society and with the
> way leaders are chosen, work to change that. Identify someone who can be
> trusted, raise money for that person, send him around the world on a 
> lecture
> tour so that the membership know him and then find a way to put him on the
> ballot for the next election. This way you don't have to criticize those
> that you perceive to be doing a poor job, you can instead extol the 
> virtues
> of this new leadership candidate.
> Also, theosophical history is vitally important. However, again, there is
> no good reason, from my point of view for lambasting those who have 
> worked,
> sacrificed and died for this Society in the past. That is the height of
> ingratitude. That is not to say that we cannot criticize what they wrote
> with the object of trying to understand more clearly what they were about.
> Certainly, if they wrote something that was not theosophical, there can be
> arguments made to illustrate that fact. All this can be done without
> attacking individuals personally. There are many theosophists who believe
> certain past leaders did some pretty silly, dangerous and or vile things.
> Marginalize these individuals by looking at what they wrote. What they 
> have
> written will reflect who they are. If certain writings are being withdrawn
> and destroyed by this or that organization so that they can rewrite 
> history,
> then locate copies of these writings and republish them and make they
> available to archives so that as a Movement we do not forget.
> Theosophy is a constructive organization created to build one another up.
> We should be careful about attacking others, no matter what kind of 
> monsters
> they might be. Karma will in the end take care of all of us. We are not
> Karma.
> Just a few thoughts,
> Robert Bruce

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