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political and doctrinal neutrality of theos-talk

Jul 26, 2009 01:15 PM
by Eldon B Tucker

Theos-l is the oldest online theosophical mailing last. It was started
by John Mead in early 1993, and currently has 48 subscribers on Yahoo
Groups.Its earlier archives are on (about 24,000

The theos-talk list was started by Eldon Tucker in June
1996 and currently has 364 subscribers on Yahoo Groups.Its full
archives on (about 61,000 messages). Both lists are
independent, free of political and financial control by theosophical

Theos-talk is intended to be a place where friends and students of
theosophy can exchange their ideas without having to conform to any
particular organization's approach to the subject. Diversity of views
are encouraged; no one particular theosophical author or
interpretation of the subject is considered the truth. It is also
available as a means to share news of interest to the theosophical
community. In order to preserve this freedom of thought, the list
maintains both political and doctrinal neutrality, taking sides with
no particular author, organization, nor candidate or faction  within
an organization.

Routine maintenance of the list may be done by volunteers as their
time permits, such as M.K. Ramadoss, recently agreeing to help out.
This should not prevent them from being vigorous participants in the
list. Everyone will be working in the best interest of the list. It's
good to have administrators who are highly active in the list; they
truly care about what is going on and want to see it prosper.

-- Eldon

Here's a note from Ramadoss:

Recently Eldon asked me to help with theos-talk. I'll be assisting 
with routine list maintenance. I'm glad to do my part to see the list 
help theosophists and the theosophical movement in the coming years.

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