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Huge increase of Theosophical members in Denmark!

Jul 26, 2009 08:12 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Dear friends

My views are:

Maybe the following could be helpfull to consider if any of you are planning to increase awareness of the theosophical doctrines. Read the below, and tell me what you think about it all.

July 2009
*** Huge increase of Theosophical members in Denmark! ***
A few days back, july 2009, there were a reoccurring radio program here in Denmark called something which translates to "Religious Report" on the major Danish radio channel Program 1 (or P1).

The program was about religion and about half of it - about 20 minutes - was about the Theosophists and the continous increase in membership they have had here in Denmark the latest 30 years. The journalist interviewed a Professor named René Dybdal Pedersen (A religions sociologist) on the issue and about theosophists in general. - From the interview it clearly appears, that René Dybdal Pedersen (RDP) had studied theosophy a lot. Although he had a few slip ups in the interview, he made a good case. ( To those with Danish abilities the interview is still online: )

The focus of the interview was the strange fact, that the membership of theosophy (Only Theosophy, and Alice A. Bailey groups, and for instance not Steiner, not LCC, not Krishnamurti) in Denmark had increased dramatically during the latest two decades, when compared to theosophists in other European countries. And when compatred to other New-religious movements in Denmark.

In Denmark the theosophists had according to René Dybdal Pedersen increased its membership since early 1980'ies with 400%! - A staggering increase although a small number - only 1200 without taking related groups into account. An further he said that most of the other new-religious movements more or less derived their teachings from theosophical ones or very similar ones.

RDP says that from 1875-1905 it remained a Spiritual-Science. After 1905 or 1910 it turned more or less into a religious oriented movement according to RDP. 
(M. Sufilight says: Interesting words coming from a scientist!)

THE REASON WHY other countries did not increase:
When asked why this had happended to the theosophists in Denmark and not theoopshists in other countries, he said: 

1) It has primarily been due to good marketing. The theosophists did however not do as much marketing as the Christians and their missionary activities according to René Dybdal Pedersen. So what did the theosophist in Denmark in fact do? - They simply stated the same doctrines over and over again. And they did it by lectures, books, internet presence, and in the medias in generel. 

2) New kind of activities. (M. Sufilight: As far as I know, it has been the allowance of lectures by Spiritists, claimed Clairvoyants,  and others. Inviting foregin lecturers.  By having one day weekly: Totally free open workshop and healing day! - And by using their own radio program. We are a small country. ) 

3) Breaking with TS Adyar's policy in 1989 - nearly all danish theosophists choosing Alice A. Bailey's teachings, although they seek to formulate it as close as deemed possible towards TS Adyar's policy! 
(M. Sufilight: Too much non-critical acceptance of Alice A. Bailey and C. W. Leadbeater is still at problem in Denmark, if I am asked.)

4) Pushing the doctrine called the New Age, implying a Paradigm Shift in the near future.

- - -
M. Sufilight says:
Let me add other possible influences: Denmark is one of the wealthiest countries on the planet. There is near no poverty at all in Denamrk. Most citizens are living on a high level of Maslows pyramid - and have spare time to consider - self-actualisation. Denmark is special in the sense, that a higher number of citizens (in percentage) are very actively interested in politics. Denmark is a small country. Denmark was and is one of the countries in Europe, who are using the Internet much more than other European countries. - There is a widespread tradition for the free creation of societies in Denmark. - Creating theosophical groups no matter how small is quite normal.

THE REASON WHY other New-religious groups did not succed in Denmark:
1) The reincarnation doctrine is not like the Buddhists in general. Reincarnation into a animal will not happen like that, if you have behaved bad in the past life. And the Law of Karma.

Others do not have this doctrine at all.

2)  Theosophical groups are extremely good at publisizing online on the Internet and a great number of books - or related books are already available. And books about New Age as well.

3) The New Age concept is accepted in the Theosophical groups in Denmark.

4) The doctrine about the Masters. And that there are more than one person you can communicate with.

5) Mediations. And especially also Meditations seeking contact with the Masters.

6) The theosophists in Denmark have promote what people wanted and perhaps also what they needed.

DANISH THEOSOPHISTS influence the Christian Churches:
The Christian Church in Denamark have during the latest 30 years increasingly allowed meditation within the Church it self or multi-religious activities to take place. Whether the theosophist have influenced this change directly cannot be proven, but it seems somewhat likely. (The essence of his words given by M. Sufilight)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
M. Sufilight adds:
In Denmark the official statistics says, that 25% believes in reincarnation.
Yet 82,1 % (jan. 2008) are still members of the Christian Lutheran Church. (In Denmark one is born as a member of the Church if your parents are members, and you will pay Church-tax automatically until you resign. ) And about 2-3% are Muslims.

Some of the main danish lecturers behind the above mentioned increase is:
Asger Lorentsen, Soren Hauge, Erik Ansvang and a number of others.

- - -
Maybe the various TS groups aught to re-consider the main issue: 
The NEW AGE factor?

I am tlaking about New Age in a broad, karmic and scientific sense etc. etc.
And I do not recommend it in a narrowminded Alice A. Bailey sense.
We cull the good we find in each.

M. Sufilight

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