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Theosophy for the masses

Jul 25, 2009 08:17 AM
by Messenger

Theosophy for the masses

Frequently, many find it hard to read much of the periodical publications
put out are too difficult for an average high school drop out to read and
assimilate. TS are not concerned only with scholars and intellectuals.
Theosophy is for everyone, especially the less educated and poor. I was
amazed to see this discussed by HPB which I quote:

âTheosophists who refuse to even support The Path [the TS magazine] as it
ought to be supported. And yet look around you, my brothers and sisters. Not
a sect, not a guild, or Society, however insignificant and useless, and far
smaller than our Theosophical body, but has its recognized organ.
Adventists, Christian Scientists, mind curers, Swedenborgians, tradesmen,
and who not, have their dailies, weeklies, and monthlies. One weekly or even
monthly sheet of only four pages is better than none; and if we had not an
absolute and immediate necessity for such a defensive organ now, it would
serve at all times for the dissemination of our theosophical teachings, the
popularization of Theosophy and Eastern Ethics suited for the intelligence
of the masses. Neither The Path nor Luciferââleast of all The Theosophist,
are for the masses. To understand them requires educated readers, and, in
most cases, high metaphysicians; and, therefore, none of these magazines can
ever become popular. What you American Theosophists require, indeed, are
extracts and a weekly paper as cheap as you can make them. Have an organ
wherein to defend the Cause from insidious attacks, from misrepresentation
and lies, and teach people the truth, and very soon the enemy will have no
hold upon us. Teach the common laborer the truths he fails to find in the
churches, and you will soon have saved half of the mankind of civilized
countries, for the PATH is easier to the poor and the single of heart, than
to the cultured and the rich.â
+++ (cw vol 12, pp 596)

Today, with Internet we have the means to put out a publication that HPB is
talking about. Let us all ponder about it.

Messenger (MKR)

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