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Re: Some thoughts

Jul 25, 2009 06:38 AM
by Anand

Dear Roberta and All,
Controlling media, restricting dissemination of information, and restricting discussion had always been the method used by rulers and semi autocratic governments. China, Russia also control both dissemination of information and expression of opinions. Earlier, when internet was not there, it was possible for rulers to do it. Now all governments are finding that is is not possible to control information and expression any more because anybody can write on internet and it can be read by anybody among 7 billion strong humanity!
The members of TS are also making progress. Few years back there was only theos-talk where members discussed freely. That time there were very few serious members who were participating. Today, in addition to theos-talk we have and Also many more members are now participating, than there were earlier. So TS certainly has made progress, as far as members' behavior is concerned. 
Can anybody stop internet used by TS members? I don't think it is possible. I can see only one direction, the direction of more and more participation by members, enabling dissemination of information and analysis of it. Earlier internet was abused by some followers of Blavatsky. Thinking members realized that propaganda of these followers was wrong and people corrected their views.
Over last four years conditions and quality of online discussion are greatly improved. Members are now getting much more information than they used to get. Earlier ES Outer Heads were getting elected unopposed by blind followers. But in last election we saw that many GC members did not show the tendency to blindly elect ES head. There was also lot of intelligent discussion on many forums. All these are signs of progress.
But yes, induction of additional members will have very negative effect on checks and balances. If elected President can get ten members of his/her choice on the General Council, he/she will have great control over the GC resolutions. 
It is true that messy conditions in TS are getting exposed, but we know that detecting disease is first step in curing of the body. And same is true in case of TS.
Overall I see great progress made by TS members in terms of number of members participating, amount and quality of information being disseminated, amount and quality of analysis being done. If it continues, TS can expect great progress. 
Anand Gholap

--- In, "robertapimenta26" <robertapimenta26@...> wrote:
> Among many other things, this is what Mr. Rozman wrote:
> - And what is equally not included in this interpretation is the fact that the Amendments' Proposal was made public by Mr. Pedro Oliveira. When Mrs. Elvira Carbonell, at the time the employee at TS Headquarters, delivered her letter to the members of the General Council she was dismissed from the office with the excuse that she abused confidential data she has access to. On the other hand we
> have now at the TS Headquarters a person who is not even an officer of the TS and who seems to have access to all critical documents and who seems to have influenced great part of the illegal actions which took place in past two years and nobody is even posing a question what is really going on -
> The reference to Oliveira's mere presence at Adyar and his having access to all critical correspondences and documents, and the illegal election of his wife Linda  is 100% legitimate. I urge all GC members to start asking serious questions, since this is a very disturbing development. O.  was the architect and initiator of all the ugly and illegal actions that took place over the past 24 months; there is solid evidence of that now.
> Roberta

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