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Jul 24, 2009 05:19 PM
by Rialto Maldonado

 iread a book on 2012 aND OTHER BOOKS THE SUBJECT,i looked at my sd and isis           unvealed y other book case which i have a selection of ts books.i spend a               fortune at quest on  a regular  basis.ive scanned the mac for alternative view pionts on                 2012, asked a few quesationsrecently at the lodge, and tommorrow the kermarpa              atr kdt in teaching sessionat tibetan monastry near  woodstock is giving his view piont/         im a member of kdt and my lodge friends are too.i checked large selection of dalia lama         books and i have everything hes ever written. there were some  insights into the matter.         i dont think planetary doom, or solaR SYSTEM DOOM,were too far in therim to have                   dire effects solar system wise,but  the planets line up every ten thousand  years                 sustle  effects on religion
 politics and consciousness seem to be indicated and a new  view piont on enviromental conservation, eccology issues seems to indicated,how does the   forum this  isasue.


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