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Re: Theos-World Fwd: On Krishnamurti Network: Two Programs Coming Up

Jul 24, 2009 01:16 PM
by Morten Nymann Olesen


Not me. Perhaps because I would have to pay 85$ jut to hear a Professor or two talk about her/his Self, himself..... or... my Self. Smile.  :-)
Not to talk about the travel expenses going halfway around the globe or the energies nedeed.

Besides that, I have turned slowly into disliking paying anyone trying to promote themselves at so-called Esoterical lectures bluntly advertising themselves as Professors, PH.D.'s and what not, trying to tell people that being an Academic is very important. (Smile.)
And maybe someone would help that Doctor Stein. His website is really looking unhealthy in colors, and the last newsflash was year 2005. The only question left is: What do they actually serve for lunch at that program?

I might participate one day, if Krishnamurti Network would arrange a SELF-critic Program on the topic called "Messiahs and Brainwashing around the globe". :-)
I wonder if the Krishnamurti Network ever would dare to invite a member of "The Institute for Cultural Research" founded by Idries Shah? (Here it is: ) That could in fact be very interesting to watch. I think Dr. Stein's views upon Cognitive limitations would be enhanced with several miles. :-)

I do not hope I sound too harsh, because I do certainly also value some of what J. Krishnamurti wrote. But as said before, I do not like his Messiah angle and his lack of comparative studying.

Sorry about all the above, but I felt I had to write it...

M. Sufilight

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    I hope this might interest some.

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  A message to all members of Krishnamurti Network

  Two events will be coming up in October and November if you are in the
  vicinity of either, or perhaps want to plan a trip, you may be interested in
  October 18th in Manhattan NY, at Tibet House, we will be hosting two talks.
  Dr. Hillary Rodrigues has written two books on Krishnamurti,
  Insight and Religious Mind: An Analysis of Krishnamurti's Thought
  Krishnamurtiâs Insight: An Examination of His Teachings on the nature of
  Mind and Religion

  Dr. Ted Kneupper is retired Professor Emeritus, Slipper Rock University
  He has written extensively on Buddhism, Oriental Religions and Krishnamurti.
  The overall theme of the program is You are the World.

  There will be talks by each in the morning including Q&A from the audience,
  a vegetarian lunch, then a panel discussion, with audience participation, in
  the afternoon including Drs Rodrigues and Kneupper, and Mark Lee Public
  Relations and Outreach Coordinator for the KFA.

  Seating is limited to 80 participants. Cost $85, includes lunch and a
  selection of three Krishnamurti DVDs per participant.

  Program two will be held in Ojai at Pine Cottage November 14th. It will
  feature Dr. Robert Burton, neurologist and author of:
  On Being Certain: Believing You Are Right, Even When Youâre Not.
  He will address the subject of the mind, brain and certainty, the concept of
  self and how it arises.
  His talk will be followed by questions from the audience and include Dr.
  Frode Steenâs observations on the topic.
  And an interactive discussion with the audience.
  Cost of the program is $30, including vegetarian lunch. Seating is limited
  to 80 participants.

  Look for sign-up for these programs soon on the site.
  And further notices on the Krishnamurti Network.

  Visit Krishnamurti Network at:

  To control which emails you receive on Krishnamurti Network, go to:

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