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Update on Dr. C V Agarwal

Jul 22, 2009 09:51 AM
by Messenger

Update on Dr. C V Agarwal
As an update, I learnt that Dr. Agarwal passed away on June 19 after a brief
illness. It appears that his health was not good in recent years.
The grapevine information is that many General Secretaries were aware of his
passing away. This should surprise no one considering the informal
networking in TS like in any organization.
I wish some of the leaders took the initiative to make a phone call to check
and confirm and then distribute the information to their members.  Long
distance calls to India is cheap; costs just $0.07/minute.
When such news items become available, Sections distributing them
immediately using Internet will keep the leaders in touch with their members
and would be appreciated.
Is it possible that the above episode is perhaps an indication of the lack
of communication between the Western Sections and Adyar after the last
Messenger (MKR)

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