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kalki the world avatar

Jul 22, 2009 07:27 AM
by rialto9000

i belong to a ts lo9dge in kingston ny ny state.we discssed the coming of kalki the world             teacher and his purpose on earth of new dawn coming soon.theforth incarnation of the           buhha and the completion of his teachings on earth.master eritea has hinted at the new         dawnwithin our lifetimes aPPARENTLY  and i think the ts should c oncentrate on basic               swtreet cred theosophy on  the strret where it 100 percentin real time.our lodge is a 100          percent on the street in very real terms and ius highly respected as a lodge .omega point       is a very real elevation of human global consciousness and its happening now all over the      world.kalki asour  lodge feels is near to realization globally and the physical ,psychic,                   mental,and spiritaul forces are coordinated and ssythisizing to a synergistic synthisis                in sycronicity of unified consciousness/.we feel forces are  syc ronizing to a unified                    omege point very soon.the ts should not fight  amounst itself but prepare for the new             dawn in very practical  ways on the street where it counts and kalki the forth incarnation         of the b uhhda is very real and a bright hope for the  future. thank you,                                           jonathan e rowley.

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