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The Swine Flu conspiracy

Jul 22, 2009 00:40 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

The Swine Flu is the latest howler of a black magic science (after the hoax of Aids, Sars, bird flu etc.), designed for Rockefeller's eugenics program to reduce the world population from 6 to 1 billion human beings and the launch of a one world terror system.

David Icke has some interesting comments on it, which match exactly Blavatsky's position:

German subs added here:

Blavatsky about the insane idea of Pasteur that material microbes create illness:

Interesting to note, that resent research again shows Blavatsky's statements correct.
A relative of Pasteur gave his old labor diaries to the Princeton University.
By comparing his internal memos with what he published it is proofed that he faked and how he faked for his idea of materialism on human cells, microbes or virusses.

Blavatsky again justified by modern science against their will as predicted by her.

That is not suprizing for a theosophist, who has studied his ABC.
Nearly all, what science propagates is swindle and conspiracy to enslave mankind.
No wonder, the present system of science is the bastard child of Jesuitism and socialism.

For their ideal of de-personalized soulless human robots every lie, every murder is just.

Blavatsky generally about flu (or Grippe):

Blavatsky's successor Gottfried von Purucker:
ch.: "Against Medical Inoculation":

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