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Re: Theos-World Re: DR. C V Agrawal

Jul 21, 2009 09:28 AM
by MKR

There is nothing unethical or illegal or criminal, IMHO. (I have been
looking into this issue for years after I got burnt years ago by another
member of TS on this issue!!!)

In the US, everyday, news media discover newsworthy information that
organizations and even government wants to keep confidential or even secret
and is distributed to the public by the news media. If that were not the
case, news media cannot function and citizens' interests protected.
Here is a very serious policy issue going to the very core of the democratic
rights of the members world-wide. But for the timely discovery and
dissemination, I do not know what would be the situation in TS today. One
can use their imagination very easily.
Considering the players involved and timing of the move, if I had run into
the same information I would have done the same to protect the TS. Since no
money is involved and no trade secrets are involved, it may be criminal in
an autocratic state like China or North Korea, but not in a democracy like
USA or India.
Also but for theos-talk maillist, it would have been kept secret until we
woke up one day and shocked to learn we have lost our democratic rights for
Even in the case of Dr. Agarwal's death, but for theos-talk, we all would
continue to be in the dark.
I once again wish to remind the readers here, when did you see any of the
leaders connecting with members and interacting with members on Internet. In
the last more than 15 years, we have seen only two leaders - *Einar
Adalsteinsson  *(deceased General Secretary of Iceland) and Warwick Keys (NZ
General Secretary). Has anyone asked why? Too busy or too scared to face

Messenger aka MKR


On Tue, Jul 21, 2009 at 9:50 AM, robertapimenta26 <> wrote:

> Someone, who was not on the list of adressees, illegally intercepted the
> document and used it, not by giving it to people Mr. Anand, but by
> deliberately leaking it, thus causing obvious confusion and anger. This
> person had great interest in the commotion that came about, and made very
> smartly use of it. Must I remind you all, that such an action, using
> confidential documents and or specific information, without permission of
> the addressee, is a criminal offence?

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