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Need Publicity and Internet Czars?

Jul 20, 2009 04:01 PM
by MKR

The lack of information to members about the passing of Dr. C V Agarwal,
International Secretary and for several years in the past the General
Secretary of the Indian Section, reveals a critical gap not only at the
International level but also at Section level.

Dr Agarwal passed away nearly four weeks ago and there was no announcement
at International and Section levels. Obviously most General Secretaries
would have known about it soon after his passing since most seem to have
informal contacts with members at Adyar. It is quite possible that no one
seems to have found it necessary to use Internet and quickly inform the
members. Some months down the road, we may find a mention in the Section
news letters. By that time the information is old and stale and also many
members do not care to read anything in the Section publications.

This seems to point to the need for a person at the International level and
a person at each Section level to be the Publicity Czar, who will keep the
news flowing to media and members in a timely manner using todayâs Internet
resources. Similarly, there is a need for Czar for Internet who will make
sure that Internet is indeed used for quick dissemination of newsworthy
information. I do not know if anyone is thinking about it.

Instead of spending time and energy in developing tactics on how the tamper
with the rules and regulations, such simple actions which are within the
authority of the section leaders will yield more positive results than nice
reading rules.

Let us all pray that some wisdom will enter into the old brains and help TS
and theosophy.

MKR aka Messenger


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