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Re: Theos-World Masqueraders - Some thoughts

Jul 20, 2009 09:02 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Dear MKR

My views are:

MKR wrote:
"As I have mentioned in my earlier messages, sooner or later, the identity of
the masquerader is discovered and their reputation takes a hit and it never

M. Sufilight
Yes. But, there might also be another kind of masquerader, who delibrately masquerades his or her name - and who when the time is right reveals his or her name with positive spiritual impact.

I find, that Count of St. Germain used more than one alias in his time, and that he is an excellent example on this activity, annalogically speaking.

Bottom line is, that some are good compasionate masqueraders, and they even know it, and others are not.
Merely assuming that one person unveiled masquerading did something bad, because we find masquerading all bad is not a wise position to follow. 

I do not think that any theosophist are here to crucify any person or act like an inquisition. As i understand it, It is the content of their activities, their spiritual fruits all in all, and their motives which are important, and not whether they have used more than one alias at a given forum.

The Law of Karma is always swift, and the tree is always know on its fruits. So I suggest that we just live - peacefully - with the masqueraders whether they are good or not

M. Sufilight

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  Subject: Theos-World Masqueraders - Some thoughts

    Masqueraders - Some thoughts
  Some times on-line comments might hit a raw nerve on those who are
  masquerading under assumed names. As they say in this part of the world, if
  the shoe fits, wear it.
  We can understand why some may have to use assumed names in very unusual
  circumstances such as when it may endanger their lively hood. In such cases
  they should be upfront and say so. Everyone will empathize with them. On the
  other hand, if one is masquerading to hide their real identity because they
  do not have the courage to put their name to what they write and take
  personal responsibility, then it is a different thing.
  As I have mentioned in my earlier messages, sooner or later, the identity of
  the masquerader is discovered and their reputation takes a hit and it never
  Another kind of phenomenon you observe in on-line forums, is that a person
  suddenly starts writing messages which display knowledge of some very
  unusual intricate details which takes years to acquire and also show a
  suddenly unusual scholarly writing style, especially in the case of someone
  whose first language is not English.
  Only explanation is that either they are using an unpaid ghost writer or
  they are being used by someone else who wants to use the message writer as a
  catâs paw. It works because it may make the writer feel important and appear
  as a scholar in the online world. Again when real truth comes out, it only
  hurts and no one can help.
  Bottom line is, be yourself and take on the personal responsibility for what
  you write. If you are wrong, quickly admit the error and get on with your
  MKR aka Messenger

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