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Dr C V Agarwal' Passing Away

Jul 19, 2009 05:56 PM
by MKR

The recent passing away of Dr. C V Agarwal and the lack of a quick formal
announcement/notification to theosophical community brings up some important
issues. He was a very dedicated long time member and was the Indian Section
General Secretary for several years and was the Intl Secretary at the time
of his passing away.
While birth and death may be, from a purely philosophical point of view, a
very routine matter, common courtesy requires the acknowledgment of
gratitude for the services of any member when they pass away.
All it requires is a single page newsrelease which can be broadcast
worldwide using Internet at practically no cost. I am sure that many of the
general council members have their informal network which keeps them
informed of going ons at Adyar and I am sure many of them were aware of the
news. I have not seen anyone mentioning about it until I learnt about it
from a msg posted on theos-talk by a former resident of Adyar, complaining
about the cremation taking place at the public electric crematorium and not
in Adyar estate. On further digging, it was confirmed from another
It points to lack of quick notification and failure to use Internet, which
is free,  to broadcast the message. What we need is a publicity czar and an
internet czar. Most members do not care to read the official publications
where such news appears after a long time, by which time the news becomes
stale. We have internet and why not use it!
Have we forgotten the critical role Internet played in the last election and
thwarting the ultra secret move to disenfranchise all of us and general
council members' attempt to seize the power to appoint the president.
MKR aka Messenger

I am the messenger and not the message.


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