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Dr C V Agrawal - Obit

Jul 19, 2009 12:51 PM
by MKR

Dr C.V. Agarwal
Dr Agarwal, the Presidential Representative
for Southeast Asia has recently passed to
higher service.
A retired professor of Technology at Benaras
Hindu University in Varanasi, Dr C.V. Agarwal
was a member of the Society from his
college days. He served as the General
Secretary of the Indian Section for very
many years. After his long stint at the Indian
Headquarters at Varanasi, he moved to
Adyar 15 years ago along with his wife
Gyanavati. He served in the Archives,
Museum, Editorial and other departments.
Recently he became the International
Secretary of the Society. His most significant
contribution is his work on Buddhism and the
Theosophical Society. With collaboration of
the Bauddha Society, he sold his book at a
nominal price, so that many could buy it,
which helped increase awareness about
Buddhism and Theosophy.
Dr Agarwal was undoubtedly one of the
most devoted animal rights activists in India.
Through the Beauty Without Cruelty
Movement, which has centres located in
the Theosophical Society campuses at
Varanasi and Adyar, he and his team
organised a great number of successful
campaigns against the exploitation and
abuse of our fellow creatures. As the
Presidential Representative for the South-
East Asian Region of the IPF, he worked
dedicatedly to support the theosophical
groups in the countries under his care.
Silent and sincere, Dr. Agarwal was fully
devoted to Theosophy. He maintained
connection with members from all over,
especially with the youth - the future of the
Society. He has one daughter, Manisha,
married to Mr. Rajiv Gupta. They have a
daughter Pragya and a son, Rishabh.

(Extracted from Indo Pacific Fedn TS Newsletter - July 2009)

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