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Re: Try to live the Objects of T S

Jul 19, 2009 12:17 PM
by sampsakuukasjarvi

I agree. Some messages here are unbrotherly. We shouldn't talk bad things about living persons even if facts are true.


--- In, "mohansundarpandian" <mohansundarpandian@...> wrote:
> Brothers
> I am connected with theosophy & T S for 40 years.
> Presently the President of Besant Lodge, Chennai.
> President Besant Lodge T O S Group, Chennai.
> I am a lawyer & B J P man.
> I have published two books.  
> Presently about to publish two more books.
> My advice to theosophists is first live the objects of T S.
> Brotherhood is the first object.
> That is what the Masters recommend us.
> Meet people, smile at them, sincere in frienship, Love them.  
> If you can do this then the next will follow suit.
> Pandian

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